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Gota Canal 2 Day Cruise from Motala

Travelling Through 35 Locks

2 Days / 2 locations in Sweden

The Gota Canal Waterway across Sweden passes Archipelagos with thousands of small islands, sails lakes both large and small and passes through 65 narrow locks. The steamer travels slowly past ruins, medieval churches, picturesque small towns and lush forests. You have the chance to get off and walk or bike along the way. Interesting land excursions are also planned.

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It is also possible to take this cruise from Stockholm to Gothenburg or to take 2, 3, 4 and 6 day versions of this cruise.

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Day 1     Motala
Accommodation: Gota Canal Ships
Meals: Lunch / Dinner

11.00 Dep. Motala.

Motala developed into a town along the lines of Baltzar von Platen's plans. Motala Werkstad, by some called the cradle of Swedish industry, was built in 1822 to supply the needs of the Göta Canal. The factory built lock gates, dredging boats and special, canal-adapted powered boats. The headquarters of the Göta Canal Company is also located in Motala, as well as a number of museums, including the well-known Motor Museum.

12.15-13:00 Borenshult.

Lock stairway of five locks where you can hear the nightingale sing.

13:00-14:00 Lake Boren.

73 metres above sea level.

14.00 - 14:15 Borensberg.

There is a hand-operated lock here, after which we see the well-known Göta Hotel from 1908. Farther on in the Västanå Bend, known as the "mate's dread", there is a summer pavilion that was featured on a stamp in 2003.

14.35 Kungs Norrby, aqueduct.

Two more recent aqueducts have been built to carry the canal, one at Kungs Norrby built in 1993 as part of the national route 36.

17.15 Ljungsbro, aqueduct.

The Ljungsbro aqueduct was built in 1970 to reduce traffic into the community.

17.25 Berg (Heda) We start our descent down 40 metres in the lock system of Berg (15 locks) towards Lake Roxen.

Here you can stretch your legs between the locks, or walk along the canal to Vreta convent ruins and church.

The convent of Vreta dates from about 1100 and was the first nunnery in Sweden. Its importance was later superseded by the convent founded by Saint Bridget (St. Birgitta) at Vadstena. The old

convent church at Vreta is one of Sweden’s most interesting, offering many medieval treasures. Today, it serves as a parish church and is therefore not always open to visitors.

19.00 Arr. Berg

(the basin)

We dock for the night in the harbour basin between the locks of Oscar and Carl-Johan. The evening offers the possibility to take a walk along the canal, or to go for an evening swim in Lake Roxen below the Carl-Johan lock staircase.

Day 2     Soderkoping
Meals: Breakfast / Lunch

07.40-10:50 Lake Roxen.

33 metres above sea level.

09.10-10:40 Runstorp.

Runstorp is a manor house from Sweden's period of greatness. Among the sights is a portrait of an earlier owner killed in 1761 during the war against Pomerania. The musket ball that killed him can be seen set into the picture frame.

10:50 - 11.00 Norsholm lock.

Here the canal crosses the main railway line between Stockholm and Malmö.

12.30-13.00 Lake Asplången.

27 metres above sea level.

14.15-15.30 Carlsborg-Mariehov-Dufkullen.

In the short distance of around two kilometres there are nine locks. You can walk the whole way on the right side of the canal - starboard of the ship. Or you can walk a shorter distance, such as between two locks.

16.00 Arr. Söderköping.

The idyllic town Söderköping was founded in the early 1200s and was very important during the Hansa period. It also has a long and and very interesting history as a spa.



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