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Sigulda, Latvia

Sigulda, a town in the Vidzeme Region, is situated in the most picturesque part of the primeval Gauja valley. Reddish devon sandstone forms steep rocks and caves on both banks of the river. Because of this, since time immemorial Sigulda has been called the Switzerland of Vidzeme.

After restoration of Latvias independence, Sigulda has also experienced great changes both in conservation of public monuments and parks and in improving service to tourists. Supported by the Town Council, a traditional Opera Music Festival takes place in the open-air music hall in the castle ruins each summer. When bird cherry trees blossom in May, the Town festival is celebrated. In winter, visitors to Sigulda can enjoy skiing or watching races at the luge and bobsled track. In autumn the tall old trees make a wonderful show of a brilliant colours.

Sigulda with its heritage of extraordinary natural beauty and antiquity provides indelible impressions in any season.