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Nordfjord, Norway

Nordfjord lies in Fjord Norway, and consists of the municipalities of Stryn, Hornindal, Gloppen, Eid, Vågsøy and Selje. A journey along the Nordfjord offers an exceptional variety of scenery ranging from blue glacier arms and towering mountains to fertile valleys and deep lakes, and taking you right out to the coast and the relentless breakers of the Stadhavet sea. We have long-standing traditions for receiving guests in our region. Come and visit us - we´ll welcome you with open arms!


Jostedalsbreen National Park

Jostedalsbreen National Park, which was founded in 1991, covers an area of 1,310 square kilometres. Jostedalsbreen is the biggest glacier in mainland Europe, and covers 487 square km2 of the park. The national park also contains many other large and small glaciers. Seven municipalities have areas within the national park, and the Jostedalsbreen glacier divides two of the world's longest fjords, the Sognefjord and the Nordfjord.

The glaciers are natural laboratories, particularly with respect to climate changes, geology and vegetation/flora. The movement of the glaciers contributes to constant changes in the landscape. The confluence of melt water from the glaciers creates glacial rivers, one of the most distinctive features of the Jostedalsbreen National Park. The landscape of the national park ranges from lush valleys to alpine mountains and an arctic climate. The core of the national park consists of untouched landscape that can only be reached on foot. Near the glacier, there is an interesting cultural landscape that is still used for agriculture and as grazing land. Around 600,000 people visit the Jostedalsbreen National Park every year.

One of the most unique features of the Jostedalsbreen glacier in olden times was the kinship and sense of community between the small communities on either side of the glacier. The old highways and byways crossed the glacier.

The most famous glacier arms are Briksdalsbreen and Kjenndalsbreen.

At Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre you can learn more about the National Park.

Glacier Walks

Roam the spectacular blue ice of Briksdal glacier, an arm of the Jostedal glaciel field. All trips depart from the starting point by the souvenir shop at Briksdalen. You can chose short or long hikes and special tours with iceclimbing.

There are also glacierguiding on the Bødal glacier. 1 hour drive from Stryn. Drive on RV 60 to Loen and turn left at Hotel Alexandra for Lodalen. Follow the road 12 km to the cross-road at Bødal. Turn left and continue on the private toll road 5 km. Then you´ll reach the Bødalsæter parking area. From there a 10 minute walk will bring you to the meeting place at Bødalsæter Glaciercamp. Glacier tours must be booked in advanced.


Inland fishing

Nordfjord is a veritable Eldorado for angling in lakes and rivers. The municipalities of Gloppen, Stryn, Eid and Hornindal issue a joint fishing permit for inland fishing that covers more than 500 lakes and rivers. Fishing permits are available for salmon and trout in ten or so river systems.

Up the fjord arms and valleys you will find large, deep "fjord lakes" offering good inland fishing. These often have good stocks of trout and char. There are also many good fishing lakes and rivers throughout the region, both in lowland areas and up in the mountains.

Angling is a pleasant and useful outdoor pastime that we want as many people as possible to take part in. Our dual aim is to conserve our valuable fish resources and to ensure that everyone can enjoy a pleasant fishing trip. It is important that anglers are aware of their responsibilities and show consideration to each other, to other users of our natural resources and not least to the natural environment itself.

LobsterCoastal fishing in Nordfjord the shortest route to the Atlantic ocean

If you are looking for good sea fishing, you cannot do any better than outer Nordfjord. Here you can catch a huge cod or the salmon of your dreams, not to mention other delicacies such as wolf fish and monkfish! The fishing in this area is rich and varied, and it is possible to catch most of the different kinds of fish that live along the coast. It is no accident that Vågsøy is the biggest fisheries municipality in Norway. In addition to the fishing it offers, the area is also very beautiful and highly varied. Bare and rugged islands and skerries form the backdrop out at the ocean's edge, while glaciers, lush green mountains and the fjord tempt visitors further inland.

Sea-angling trips are available from Vågsøy and Selje. You can take a trip on a fishing boat with a local expert, take a boat out yourself or take your fishing rod out to a headland or some rocks. The whole of the Nordfjord coast is rich in fish and there are plenty of opportunities for angling all year round. Here you will find boats that can take you out fishing.

There is great variation here - between fjord fishing, fishing in among the islands and skerries and deep-sea fishing. You can catch most kinds of fish in this area. The currents and the nutritional content of the seawater make for unusually rich fishing. The most common species of fish are cod, haddock, saithe, pollack and mackerel. A certain amount of deepwater fish such as tusk and ling are also caught in the area. In Kalvåg in autumn and early winter you can go fishing for crabs, either using crab pots or by raking them directly off the rocks.

Nordfjord has everything you need to combine a fishing trip with some of most beautiful nature experiences in Norway. Regardless of whether you come alone, or together with friends or your family, you will find what you are looking for in the way of leisure activities and outdoor pursuits in Nordfjord.