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Kiruna, Sweden

Kiruna is Sweden's most northerly municipality and its largest in area.

At 20,000 square kilometres, it is half as large as Switzerland. Once upon a time, Kiruna was listed in every geography book as the world's largest town in area. Now it has to be content with being the next largest, having been bested by an Australian counterpart. But still, if you collected all the people in the world inside Kiruna's borders, each would have four square metres to stand in. The whole municipality has 26,000 inhabitants, of whom 80% live in the town of Kiruna.

Our city hill, Kebnekaise, is Sweden's highest mountain at 2,117 metres above sea level. From its peak, you can see nine percent of Sweden, including half a dozen other alpine tops of over 2,000 metres.

There are more than 6,000 lakes in Kiruna, with Tornetrsk Lake as the largest. It's more than 70 km long. Seven virgin rivers run through the municipality, named Kalix, Torne, Lainio, Rautas and Vittangi, as well as the Knkm and Muonio which mark the border with Finland. This is "the last wilderness in Europe."