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Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

Kangerlussuaq, also known as Sonder Stroemfiord, was an American airbase until September 1992. We hope you will enjoy your stay here in our village with its beautiful surroundings.

Kangerlussuaq is much more than just an international airport.

Just outside the airport fascinating wildlife with chances of seeing musk ox, reindeers, arctic foxes, falcons, eagles, ravens and some of the most power full northern lights during the winter.

Kangerlussuaq has the easiest access to the inland ice of Greenland. You can easily get to the inland ice by car, bike, Icelandic horse or by foot. The distance from Kangerlussuaq to the inland ice is only 25 km.

Rental of fur clothes and polar suits is available.


Sightseeing in Kangerlussuaq

Summer & Winter

A tour by minibus where we show the location of all service facilities (such as swimming pool, bowling centre, night club etc.) and where we tell the history of Kangerlussuaq. A visit to the museum is also included in the summer.

The Inland Ice Cap by 4x4 Vehicle

Summer & Winter

A tour by 4-wheel-drive cars through an Arctic desert, along rivers, through old glacier valleys and over small mountains directly to the Inland Ice Cap. We will be driving on narrow mountain tracks at slow speed.

En route we make several photo stops In the summer we can walk to some view points to overlook the fantastic Arctic landscape.

Our destination is the steep glacier front of The Russell Glacier, where you will experience the activity of the ice on warm summer days. Big pieces of ice falling off making big thunder-like noises.

Alternatively we might be driving to point 660 where you have the possibility to walk on the Inland Ice Cap.

(Actual destination will be decided just before departure depending upon the weather.)

Musk Oxen and Reindeer Safari

Summer & Winter

The world's biggest population of wild Musk Oxen are living in close range of Kangerlussuaq.

We drive to an area where the animals are seen almost daily and are often able to go quite close for good photo opportunities. Reindeer, Polar Foxes and Polar Hares can be seen too.

Please note that we are going into the wilderness; it is not a zoo. Therefore we cannot guarantee that youll see the animals, but the viewing rate is generally high; more than 90% over the year.

Dinner at the Rowing Club

Transfer from the hotel to an area with ruins of an Eskimo autumn Camp used by reindeer hunters. The guide will tell about the Eskimo's hunting. Then a short walk to Restaurant Rowing Club where you will be served a 3 course dinner in Nature surroundings. After dinner transfer back to the hotel.

Dog Sledge Experience

Winter only

On a 2 hour tour you will - together with your Greenland driver and his pack of Greenland huskies - have the unique experience of travelling like the Inuits have been doing for centuries.

Only operated when snow - expected from early / mid December to late March!

Rent of sealskin anorak & trousers and boots are included in all Arctic Adventure Dog Sledge Tours in Kangerlussuaq.

Ice Fishing on the Fjord

Winter only

Transport by snow scooters to the fiord, where a snack will be served. Fishing by line through drilled holes on the frozen fiord.

Rent of clothes & boots are included in the price. Refreshments included.

Only operated when the ice is safe - expected from mid January to mid of March

Snow Scooter Tour

Winter only

The tour starts in Old Camp with a short lesson in scooter driving. The tour goes through a quarry up the mountain Køkkenfjeld. From there it continues westwards to Kelly Ville before returning to Kangerlussuaq.

Please notice that everybody gets his or her own snow scooter.

Rent of clothes & boots are included in the price.

Only operated when snow - expected from mid December to late March.

Northern Light Evening Tour

Winter only

Kangerlussuaq is one of the best locations in the world to experience Aurora Borealis. We drive by car to a cosy cabin at Lake Ferguson where the guide tells the Greenland Sagas and serve refreshments while we hope to experience nature's unique show when the fantastic Northern Light flashes over the sky.

Only operated in the Northern Light season from end of November to end of March.

Rental of Polar Suit

Most visitors do not have the proper clothing for the Arctic Winter for city-use and excursions (except dog sledge and snow scooter tours) you will be comfortable wearing a one piece full-body polar suit with a hood.

Rental of Fur Clothes

The outside temperature might drop to minus 35 degrees Celsius - a cold but also unique experience! Luckily genuine Greenlandic seal skin Anorak and trousers as well as polar boots are possible to rent.