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Ilulissat, Greenland

Beautifully situated in the the Disko Bay close to the gigantic icebergs from the world's most productive glacier we find in Ilulissat, North Greenland's largest town.

Ilulissat is where ancient and modern Greenland meet in the most harmonic way. The location of Ilulissat is breathtaking - all year round huge icebergs raising more than hundred metres above sea level are stranded in the ice fiord just south of the town.

These icebergs are all products of the mighty and most productive glacier in the northern hemisphere; The Ilulissat Glacier daily gives birth to 20 million tons of ice which also explain why it is included on the World Heritage list.

5000 sled dogs and two modern fish factories provide employment for the population. A landing strip runs alongside the old sled track to Thule.

Whether you visit Ilulissat in March when the temperature is minus 30° C below zero (22°F) or in July when it might rise to 17°C (63°F)in the shade you will find an abundance af activities to enjoy - perhaps a sledge trip to one of our nearby villages? Or a boat trip in the unique light of the midnight sun.

Greenland tends to enter the soul, and many of our guests come back year after year.

Up here the sky is high and the scenery varies from quiet evenings at the edge of a lake to the thunder of "calving" icebergs.


Greenland Hunter's Settlement

Summer & possibly Winter

By boat to the small settlement of Ilimanaq, which is situated just south of the Kangia Ice Fiord. Ilimanaq has a population of approx. 90 persons completely depending upon fishing and hunting. A completely different world compared to the town of Ilulissat. Upon arrival in Ilimanaq guided tour of the settlement before enjoying our lunch with a local family.

(In some periods packed lunch from the hotel).

Ilimanaq is only accessible by boat and is therefore only operated when open water - expected to be until late November and from mid March, but might also be all winter.

Iceberg Cruise by Boat

Summer and possibly Winter

Ilulissat is world famous for its icebergs and a cruise provides the perfect opportunity to get close to these gigantic sculptures created by nature.

Only operated when open water. Expected to be until late November and from mid March, but might also be all winter.

Home Visit

Summer only

Visit a Greenland home, enjoy the "Coffee-Mik" (a cup of coffee which by tradition is served to all visitors) and learn about Greenland and its population.

By Helicopter to the Ice Cap

Summer & Winter

During the stay in Ilulissat the guide will try to arrange an excursion by helicopter - including a ground stop where clients can leave the helicopter!

During the flight we cruise in low altitude over the Ilulissat Ice Fiord which is now on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Operation is depending upon the weather and helicopter capacity.

City Walk

Summer & Winter

During a walk through town the guide tells about the history of Ilulissat. We visit the old part of town and see the buildings from the very start of the Danish trading station, the busy fishing harbor, the old church and the museum. Lunch at a local restaurant.

The Icebergs of Sermermiut

Summer & Winter

By bus as far as the road goes. A short walk to Sermermiut where traces from the 4 old Eskimo cultures still can be seen. Sermermiut is a fertile valley next to the Ice Fjord; here one can enjoy the flowers as well as the fantastic icebergs.

Hunters Settlement

Summer & possibly Winter

By boat to the small settlement Oqaitsut/Rodebay with a local population of approx. 80 persons totally depending upon fishing and hunting - a quite different world compared to the nearby town of Ilulissat. Guided walk through the village before we will enjoy lunch at the old trading station.Operated by boat when open water - expected to be until late November and from mid March, but might also be all winter. When the fiord is frozen the village is only accessible by dog sled: Please see full day excursion by dog sled.

Midnight Cruise to the Ice Fjord

Summer only

The midnight sun and the warm red colours reflecting in the gigantic icebergs is a fantastic sight. Cruise between the icebergs and enjoy a late Martini on "the real rocks"!

Eqip-the Calving Glacier

Summer only

Eqip glacier is the only glacier in Ilulissat area where we often experience the glacier calving. We cruise in front of the 5 km wide glacier - enjoying our lunch - and hope for the unique sight of an iceberg "delivery" - so are also a lot of seabirds as they know by experience, that any calving from the glacier will result in a huge meal when the new iceberg is turning around in the water bringing a lot of sea animals to the surface.

Dog Sled Adventure

Winter only

To leave the civilized world and enter the Arctic Wonderland of low passes, ice covered fiords where icebergs raise like sculptures is like travelling back in time into the world of the old polar explorers - all you hear is the sound of the sledge moving over the ice and the shouts of encouragement your driver makes to control his dogs.

The route will be depending upon actual snow and ice conditions.

Only operated when snow - expected from early/mid December to late March! Rent of fur clothes and boots at surcharge.

Feeding the Huskies

Summer & Winter

Ilulissat is sledge district and the town's approx. 5000 dogs are still used for both work and fun. Even in modern times no mean of transportation is as suitable for winter as the strong dogs pulling the sledges when the local fishermen need to transport their catch from the edge of the Ice fiord back to town.

We invite you to join the feeding of the dogs. Here, you can see, feel, touch and most of all hear the howling of 20 hungry dogs. The owner will demonstrate the sledge, the harness and the whip and tell you about the life as a sledge dog in North Greenland.