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Geilo, Norway

Geilo provides a wealth of experiences year round. Summer and autumn offer unique nature, and Geilo is an excellent starting point for walks in the woods and fields. Hallingskarvet, our landmark, has breathtakingly beautiful landscape, and Hardangervidda and the fjords are not far away. You can fish, go off on various trips on foot or by car, experience rafting, gorge hiking, rappelling, cycle along mountain paths or along Rallarvegen, or enjoy a horseback ride in the mountains. Experience history and culture at Geilojordet, Tuftebrua, Fekjo and visit the Hol Bygdemuseum. In autumn, the vibrant mountain colours entice hunters, fishermen, and those who love to walk or hike. This is also a prime season for seminars and conferences.

All year round, Geilo offers a good selection of restaurants in the centre of town and at hotels. You will also find pubs, bars, cinema, a number of shops and different services.

Geilo�s natural surroundings, terrain and variety of slopes have made it Norway�s No. 1 winter sports resort. The pistes in Geilo are of top international standard and cater for all ages and ability levels, from beginner to professional.

The winter experience is complete when you can ski down well-prepared slopes in blazing sunshine with a great view over Geilo in the Hallingdal valley.

Geilo is situated in one of Norway\'s largest tourism areas - providing opportunities for exciting experiences and active vacations throughout the summer for children and adults. Challenge the natural elements and go rafting, or why not try glacier hiking over Hardangerj�kulen! Cycling, horseback riding, classic walks or hiking, with or without fishing rod, are good alternatives.



Geilo is an eldorado for anyone who enjoys cycling - extreme biking, offroad cycling and family tours. The famous Rallarvegen mountain trails is not far from away either.Geilo is also home of Norway's first park for offroad bikers, where you can try your luck on the freeride trai, downhill run or slopestyle park.These tracks are high quality and offer trails for novices and experienced cyclists alike. Several cycling routes meet at Geilo and the mountain roads in the local environment are well suited to shorter trips.

Suggestions for trips and maps can be obtained from Geilo Tourist Information.


Geilo has Hallingskarvet as a backbone and Hardangervidda, Northern Europe's largest high mountain plateau as its nearest neighbour. Most of the area is mountainous wilderness. A network of roads and trails has been here from early times. Today, there are around 500 km of trails and walks that are signposted and marked. You can choose from short and easy hikes as well as longer and more challanging hikes. One of them is the nature and cultural path around Ustedalsfjord near the centre of Geilo.


Knife and tool production. The blacksmith's trade has long traditions at Geilo. Today's industry has grown from the earlier farm and regional smiths. Brodrene Oyo was established in 1882 and Brusletto & Co. in 1896. Today, knives, axes and tools from Geilo are exported worldwide. The knife and tool factories have shops where products may be purchased.

The Geilo Smithy. A large museum/ theme centre that will portray Geilo's development through 2000 years is planned. A small part of it is finished and can be visited at Brodrene Oyo AS.

Cultural monuments:

Geilojordet. Farm yard with old buildings from the 18th and 19th century in the centre of Geilo. A pleasant place to visit with an outdoor caf� and various activities.

Hol old church. The old church is beautifully situated by Holsfjord. The church was originally a small stave church built in the 13th century.

Hol Museum. At Hol Bygdemuseum you can see traditional farm buildings as well as mountain farms. The building range in age from 200-300 years. The exhibition hall provides information about the traditional farming life, tools and examples of rosemaling and costume a exhibition.

Fekjo Culture and Heritage Park. A burial place from the Viking Age was found at Ustedalsfjorden. There are also several coal-burning pits that where part of an iron extraction site. An outdoor sculpture exhibition opened in 2001.

Tufte Bridge. Bridge built in the traditional log construction method � a true copy of the old listed bridge from 1884.

Dokken Mountain Farm. Dokken Fjellgard is a listed farm from the 18th century.

Day Trips

E.K.T Langedrag Nature Park. At the nature park you can get close to the many domestic animals among the farm buildings. The nature park is an excellent place for walks and enables a closer study of animals such as wolves, lynx, polar foxes, wild pigs and reindeer. It is a 45 minutesdrive from Geilo.

The Troll Train. Experience the legendary old road through M�b�dalen.Closed to ordinary traffic. Enjoy V�ringfossen, the most known waterfall in Norway which is 182 meters high.

The Adventure Road. Adventures between Oslo and Bergen. The Adventure Road leads to exciting experiences, attractions and activities. It runs from Hallingdal in the east - over mountain plains and mountains - to the beautiful, enchanting western Norwegian fjords in Hardanger and Inner Sogn. Opportunities abound - only your fancy places limits on the experiences to be had.


Geilo's natural surroundings, terrain and variety of slopes have made it Norway's no. 1 winter sports resort. The ski slopes in Geilo are of top international standard and cater for all ages and ability levels, from beginner to professional.

The winter experience is complete when you can ski down well-prepared slopes in blazing sunshine with a great view over Geilo in the Hallingdal valley.


Geilo is well known for kiting on snow in Norway. Kiting is very fast growing in popularity, in Norway also. Kiting can be practised everywhere there is snow and not too many obstacles, ex: trees. Frozen lakes, plateau and snow covered fields makes it excellent. We donât need much more than a pair of skis or snowboard, helmet, harness (saddle) and a kite to have incredible fun! Chances to create a dependence are big and soon you will surprise yourself to check on weather reports for wind and hope it will blow again soon. Kite skiing suits the whole family. If you are small and light or want to take it easy, it is possible to choose a smaller kite that creates less drag.

Tuesday, Saturday & Sunday. Starts 10.00 AM

Troll & Elk Safari

Winter: We can now offer guided safari tour of the norwegian wildlife, where we can encounter both elks and traces from the trolls! You will see wolves, reindeers, lynx and many other norwegian wild animals. We cannot guarantee to see elks, but chances are good. There are also not only the elks we can see. The area around Dagali and Geilo is full of trolls and wildlife.

This tour's starting point is at the tourist information centre in Geilo. The tour lasts about 4 hours and starts at 11am at meeting point every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the winter.

Other Winter Activities

Snowmobile at Geilo Racetrack â Time: 10.00 AM â 4.00 PM. One person per snowmobile. Meeting point: Geilo Snøscooterbane, Vestlia. Groups on request.

Snowmobile Safari â a two hour ride on forest roads. Meeting point: Dagali Airport. Time: 10.00 AMn and 2.00 PM

Horse drawn sleigh ride - Phone: +47 32 09 59 00. Meeting point: The Tourist Information.

Kite skiing course â Beginners. Geilo is a well known area for kite skiing. Try kite skiing with an experienced instructor. Meeting point: The Tourist Information. Time: 10.00 AM

Snowrafting, snowmobile and tobogganing â Fun activities at Geilo Aktivitetssenter. Time: 6.00 PM. Min 5 persons.

Dog sledding â A 5 km trip with dogs and sleigh on the ice covered Ustedalsfjord. Meeting point: Geilo beach.

Family safari â guided safari tour of the Norwegian wildlife. Meeting point: The Tourist Information. Time: 11.00 AM.

Kite skiing course â Advanced. Geilo is a well known area for kite skiing. Try kite skiing with an experienced instructor. Meeting point: The Tourist Information. Time: 10.00 AM.

Tobogganing â Try tobogganing in one of Norways longest slopes. Possibilities for skiing as well. From the 15th of January. Turist Information. Time: Noon â 4.00 PM.

Extreme safari. You will get close to wolfs and lynx! Learn about the wolf language, their wild instincts and life in the pack while the wolfs and lynx are just a couple meters away. There are no fences between the wild animals and you! An experience that will give you shivers and boost you adrenalin level! Other than wolfs and lynx, you will also be in close contact with artic foxes, reindeers, moose and other fantastic animals. Meet 11.00 AM at the Tourist Information. Time: 5 hours.

Guided Cross Country Trip â Time: 10.00.AM. Min 6persons.

Guided snow shoe walking â An experienced guide will give you a real Norwegian adventure. Time: 4.00 PM.

Bowling at Dr Holms Hotel - Opening hours from 11.00 AM to 11.00 PM.

Enchanting mountain hike with snowshoes and head torch â silence and darkness Come with us on a walk through the forest where weâll have the opportunity to see tracks from hare, grouse, fox and maybe elk. Not to forget- the possibility of actually seeing these animals in real life. Weâll venture into the darkness with only the light from our head torch to show us the way. Through terrain undisturbed by skiers, weâll maneuver around trees and through deep snow. We start by handing out snowshoes and head torches outside Taubanekroa â taking the lift to the top. A small introduction in walking with this kind of footwear will be given. The mountain walk lasts for about 1.5 hours, ending up at Slaatta Ski cafe where weâll be served cocoa/coffee/tea and a muffin. Arranged at any time by request, no minimum number of participants.