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Thon Hotel Andrikken


The hotel is situated in the city centre of Andenes and offers one of Europes most exciting experiences whale safari! We stake our reputation on offering the best of traditional recipes, and we can offer overnight accommodation in fishermens shacks at the nearby Lankanholmen. Many people are attracted to the area because of the exciting bird life on and around the islands extensive marshes.

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Andenes is a village at the northern tip of the island Andøya at the coast of northern Norway. Andenes is the community center in Andøy municipality in the Vesterålen and Lofoten region. Andenes has always been one of the largest fishing villages in Norway because of its closeness to the best fishing areas. Since 1988 Andenes has been the main center of european whale watching, as well as a field station and meeting point of whale researchers from different countries.