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Stalheim Hotel

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Stalheim Hotel has 120 rooms with 215 beds, and we offer both family-rooms and suites in addition to single and double rooms. The hotel is a seasonally run resort hotel, and is open from May 15 to September 15. Our guests are of a quite international make-up, and the majority are here for holiday purposes. We have therefore endeavored to maintain a quiet and relaxing atmosphere with spacious panorama view lounges, one of them including a grand-piano. During the whole season we employ a professional piano-player for entertainment. The hotel holds two restaurants, both able to seat approx. 180 guests. We can also offer a fully licensed bar on the premises. During the day the coffee shop is open for all guests, where you can purchase lighter meals and refreshments. The hotel's gift-shop is open throughout the day, and here we offer a wide range of goods at very competitive prices. This includes jewelry, knitwear, gift articles made by pewter and glass, some leisurewear and a large selection of Christmas decorations. There are TVs available both in the lounge and in the bar.


The Stalheim Hotel is situated in the mountains of Western Norway, only 35 kilometres from Voss and near one of Norway's most famous fjords, the Sognefjord. The Sognefjord is the longest and deepest fjord in Norway - a gigantic chasm which penetrates 180 kilometers into the country and plunges to the awesome depth of 1300 metres.

The hotel itself is built on the edge of a 300 meter high cliff, and from the plateau in front of the hotel you can admire the spectacular view of the Nærøyvalley and a 937 meter high mountain called "Jordalsnuten" or the "Sugarlump". This view is considered to be one of the most glorious and impressive in the world. In walking distance from the hotel you find some of the most beautiful water falls and scenery in Norway. The fjord region of Norway has attracted tourists for centuries, and Stalheim Hotel is one of the major stops on the famous round-trip "Norway in a Nutshell".