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Northern Lights Tours

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Discover the spectacular Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Browse our selection of these truly once in a lifetime adventure tours.

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South Iceland Adventure
5 Days / 7 locations in Iceland

Discover Iceland’s wild and authentic side on this exclusive Golden Circle and South Coast SuperJeep exploration with one of our best guides. You‘ll enjoy exciting adventures and discoveries such as glacier hiking, ice cave exploring and bathing in the Secret Lagoon! View Itinerary & Departures »

Taste of Winter Magic in Norway
8 Days / 9 locations in Norway
From $2050 Per Person Double Occupancy

Experience the magic of winter in beautiful Norway ! View Itinerary & Departures »

Try Alta and Snorrisniva Igloo Hotel
4 Days / 1 locations in Norway
From $3670 Per Person Double Occupancy

Alta is a great choice for visitors seeking to experience the magic of the Northern Lights. Sinc year 2000 Alta has been named the city of the Northern Lights. The stable climate with many days of clear sky and the very good weather conditions are reasons why several international scientific expeditions carried out in Alta. In 1899 Kristian Birkeland built the world's first Northern Lights observatory at the top of Mt. Haldde. Visitors have always been delighted by the Northern Lights, which are also called the Aurora Borealis, and there are many myths associated with them. When visiting Alta, you can learn more about what the Northern Lights actually are and the best way of seeing them, and obviously more about the myths and stories associated with them. View Itinerary & Departures »

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