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Doris Bodenheimer

Hi Ulla,
Doris Bodenheimer returned home from her Scandinavian trip on Tuesday. She thoroughly enjoyed it. She said the tour guide was great. Her name is Candy and she is from the Canary Islands. Very well informed guide, a delightful person, and spoke both English and Spanish. Doris was very impressed with her. The extension in Stockholm was very good. She was able to connect with one of her Swedish friends, Gosta, and was entertained by him and his guests. Then the trip to Falun was excellent. The room in the hotel was very large and even had a luxurious robe and slippers for her to use. When she went to Carl Larsson's home she was able to get a bus there, but none coming back so she went to the tourist office and the lady there suggested Doris go to the car park and ask if she could get a ride with someone. A lovely family did not hesitate. They even went for coffee! Doris felt the people in Scandinavia were very friendly and helpful. Her regret was that she did not have a larger suitcase to buy some of the lovely Swedish things, but she did say it was probably a good idea she was limited because everything is so expensive!
Thank again for arranging a great trip.
Shirley Mooers, Santa Cruz Travel


Carl Marting

Ulla: Just a short note to summarize our trip. It could be considered an adventure, rather than a vacation.

First: The hotel Torni in Helsinki was great, very central and near fabulous restaurants. All the documents were waiting
for us at the front desk.
Second: The train ride to St. Petersburg was fine, especially in a first-class compartment.
Third: The cruise allowed a person to see things that a normal traveler wouldn't.

Recommendations: A person should stay 3 days - preferably in a downtown hotel - in both St. Petersburg and Moscow,
before and after the cruise. The docking port in Moscow is so far from the center - commute times
on the bus were too long - especially at rush hour.

Regards, Herb Marting

Diane Cira

Hi Tom,
The trip went extremely well. Thank you for all your help on setting it up.
D. Cira


Michael Mccourt

Hi Ulla,

I just got this nice email from happy clients, the McCourts. Thank you for all the great planning.

Anne Kennedy, CTC

Just wanted to thank you for all your help planning my trip with Mike to Scandinavia. We had a wonderful time and we were so impressed with how well organized everything was. All the arrangements were perfect and we've recommended that my parents take the exact same trip next summer (if they can)!

Laurie Jacobs

Hi Tom,

This is Alice Frye. You (and perhaps others) arranged a trip for me and my sister and mother to Norway which we just completed last week. I'm just writing to say thanks. We had a wonderful time and we were delighted with the hotels and all the travel arrangements. We were especially pleased with the Hotel Augustin in Bergen.
Thanks again for pulling it all together for us!

Alice Frye

Barry Oehler

Scenic Norway + Stockholm & Helsinki Tour

Hi Berniece,

I thought I would fill you in on my impressions regarding our trip.

The entire tour was as perfect as it can be. We had good weather while in the cities when touring/walking around (cool and either cloudy or sunny) and excellent weather in the Fiords (sunny and cool). That was very lucky as I know it is unusual to get so many sunny days in a row in the mountain areas. The scenery was truly spectacular. We also were lucky with the other customers on the tour. No one was late, complained or was generally a pain. Everyone got along just great together.

Hotels: All the hotel were top notch. The service and food was excellent at each property.

Bus: A very nice, comfortable and clean bus. The driver, Michael, was super and could not be more accommodating.

Local Guides: Generally speaking, all were very good.

Tour Guide: Stephanie was great. She is very personable, highly knowledgeable and showed excellent enthusiasm throughout the tour. She could not have been more accommodating or helpful with the customers. We liked her commentary and never got tired of listening to her. She is very well organized and is careful to double check all the little details that can cause problems like forgotten luggage, dinner reservations, ferry schedules, etc. Due to her persistence, all went like clock work. That is partly luck but mostly skill and experience. Her command of the English language was excellent. We loved listening to her talk about all the details of Scandinavia. I have been on many tours and she certainly ranks one of the top guides I've experienced.

Our group of 6 had a super time and I'm sure the other passengers did as well. We will certainly recommend and sell your product. Robinson Tours did an excellent job.

Thank you for all your help. Please feel free to forward this to whomever may be interested.

Yours truly,

Barry Oehler
RMA Tours
Denver, CO

Robert Bianchi

Greetings Tom,

Bob and I wanted you to know how much we enjoyed the Kristina Cruise. The
ship staff were uniformly pleasant and helpful and the arranged shore
excursions were well-planned. All-in-all it was the restful sort of low-key
tour we had hoped for.

Thanks for your help!

Julie and Bob Bianchi

Kirstin Ostrat

I would like to thank you for your help in putting together my recent trip
to Estonia and St. Petersburg. I was very pleased with my drivers and
guides. My driver in Estonia was extremly helpful in dealing with the
cemetary upon my arrival in Tallinn, I needed to have some work done on a
headstone. I felt that in both countries the expense was well worth it. I
will not be going back to Russia but that is just a personal preference. I
do look forward to using your companies services in Estonia in the future.
Is it possible to use just a driver? There are still places that I would
like to visit where I will need a guide since they are very knowledgeable in
the history of the area but for example my driver in Estonia was very easy
to talk to and for just going to places where I do not need a guide anymore
such as going back to the museum in Viljandi just a driver would be helpful.
Does your company put together any packages for the Song Festival in
Tallinn? If so I would like information regarding that. Also if you do am I
able to choose my hotel. I have been VERY pleased with the Domina Il Marine
both times I have stayed there and it is a very convenient hotel. Please
extend my thanks and appreciation to the tour companies that provided the
drivers and guides in both places as I said before I was VERY pleased with
the service.
Thank You

Kirstin Ostrat
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