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Phil Carta

Hi, Ulla!

I just wanted to write and let you know that everything on the trip went perfectly, like clockwork. Your local DMC in Vilnius was excellent, the tour and guide was quite fine, and the hotels were as expected. We enjoyed it all.

As a note, the Vilnius - St. Petersburg train is now daily. Very easy to book and take locally. First class on the train is recommended based on quality and price.

Thanks again!



Peter Suzman

Dear Ulla,
Our trip went off without a hitch and it was just lovely. Hotel Kvikne`s even upgraded our rooms to ones with a harbor view for our last nights stay there.
Ulla, this is the first vacation my husband and I have taken in a long time, as he has not been able to get away from work. It felt charmed from beginning to end. The arrangements you made in both Copenhagen and Norway were terrific and you have obviously chosen wonderful people to work with. In Flam we went on beautiful walks up to a waterfall and to the old village of Ottenes. The fjords on the boat ride were spectacular. The weather was even perfect throughout the trip no rain!
Many thanks to you, Try Norway, and the Hotel Augustin!
Mary Jane Suzman


Deanna Poling


Our trip was fantastic. Thank you for making the arrangements. We also found "DinewiththeDanes.com" and had a couple of wonderful dinners with the locals. Mom and I loved Denmark.

Kind Regards,

DeAnna Poling

Ellen Gilroy

Hello Berniece,

We wanted to thank you for all your help in planning our trip to Iceland. As you can see we had a blast! Everything was perfect!!!!
Thumbs up to Scantours and double thumbs up to you!

The Gilroys

Deborah Halloran

Ulla, the trip to Stockholm and the Ice Hotel in Lapland was wonderful, everything went off without a hitch. The people were wonderful , the accomodations great, and the food was fabulous. We ate at Wend Holm Fisk-superb-pricey, another favorite was Kryp In in Gamla Stan, great local fare prepared with the chef and kitchen in full view ( In case you wanted some recommendations). Thank you for puttng it all together and fielding our questions. I will recommend Sweden and your service any time. The Best, Deb Halloran

Warren Fournier

We've just returned from a much too brief holiday in Sweden. We
spent 2 nights in Stockholm, flew up to Kiruna, then traveled by
dogsled to the ICEHOTEL. We stayed 2 nights there-yep, we actually
slept (quite comfortably!) in a hotel made completely of ice! Despite
walking around like giant blueberries in our poofy coats, we had a
blast! We met some great people, ate some crazy food, and saw more
stars than we knew existed...The weather was gorgeous.
Thanks again. Oh, and the people at First Reisen were FABULOUSLY helpful. Send EVERYONE there!
Kate Fournier



Arlene Kavlock

Dear Ulla,

I want to thank you for all your help with our recent trip to St.
Petersburg - we had a wonderful time, and only wished we could stay longer. I also wanted to let you know that our guide, Angelina Kolakoutskaya, was exceptional, and we feel very lucky to have had her services during our visit. We would give her our highest recommendation.

Thanks again for providing such a great experience,

Arlene Kavlock


Jaime Ungo

Ulla, thank you so very much. Your services are extraordinary and will be highly recommended. We did have a wonderful, unforgettable time. Again thanks, and I will be contacting you, hopefully soon.


Gabriela Ungo
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