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Voss, Norway

Voss offers a marvelous cultural and scenic mixture: urban modernity and rural tradition.

There are few places you can get so many experiences springing from nature and culture as here in Voss. For nearly two hundred years we have taken pleasure in welcoming tourists who seek experiences that are out of the ordinary. Voss is situated between Norway´s most famous fjords, the majestic and breathtaking Hardanger and Sogn fjords, and is a natural starting point for exploring Fjord Norway.

People from all over the world come to visit Voss. Whether you are looking for peace and quiet in piqturesque surroundings or feel like challenging mother nature - or yourself - through more "extreme" activities, we can offer something for all tastes: Rafting, paragliding, horse riding in the mountains, sports angling, mountain hikes, bicycle tours, kayak trips, parasailing, sightseeing by sea plane, golf - and much more.


Bird Watching

With over 216 registered species Voss have a lot to offer bird watchers. There are guided excursions to local woodlands and

marshlands where you may see species such as White-backed Woodpecker, Bluethroat, Icterine Warbler and Common Rose?nch.

Lønaøyane is one of the best areas, here you will ?nd recently built watch towers and available information on both local and national bird life.

Guided Mountain Hikes & Fishing Trips

Voss Rafting Centre has several guided mountain walks and ?shing trips available throughout the summer season. Should you want to venture out on your own then we would recommend you visit the tourist of?ce ?rst where they have maps of recommended hikes available. Most of these can be reached by catching the cable car from Voss town centre to the top of Mount Hangur, 660 meters above

sea level. Here you will ?nd a café with panorama views of the lake and surrounding mountains, this is also the starting point for the many marked walking trails in the area.


The nine hole golf course which opened in Voss May 2005, is of high quality, surrounded by the most breathtaking landscape. An exceptional golf and nature experience.