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Skanderborg, Denmark

Skanderborg is one of the most beautiful situated towns of the Lake District in Denmark. In the center of Skanderborg you will find many different shops and a number of very good restaurants.

In the Skanderborg area there is a great possibility to enjoy the outstanding natur with many lakes, woods and hills with scenic views.

If you like the peace and quiet of coarse fishing, Lake Skanderborg is absolutely world class. Huge numbers of roach and bream - many of them several kilos large - made it no coincidence that three new world records were set here. The huge numbers of coarse fish in the lake also make for a large population of predatory fish. (Pike of 14 kilo).

Centrally situated in the Danish Lake District, Skanderborg is the perfect base for exploring the area.

With the town standing by the idyllic Lake Skanderborg with its small islands, separated by green hills from the two neighbouring lakes - Lake Stilling-Solbjerg and Lake Moss, the area represents one of the most generous scenery in Denmark.

Stroll along the streets, down the old Borgergade with houses from the 18th-century. Experience Adelgade and the town centre offering attractive shopping opportunities.