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Strand Hotel

Historic Hotels Of Norway

Welcome to Strand Hotel - the hotel by the sea. The hotel is situated on the waterside in idyllic Fevik between Grimstad and Arendal. From the hotel there is an open view towards the beach and the sea. This is probably the closest one can get to a Mediterranean holiday in Norway.

The hotel was planned and built by general manager Axel Lund. The foundation wall was built in 1934 and a few years later the hotel was finished. The hotel, costing NOK 350.000, had become a magnificent building according to standards at the time. The doors opened for the first time on the 17th of May 1937. Strand Hotel was used only as a summer hotel and had initially 40 rooms with totally 70 beds. All guestrooms had both hot and cold water. Three rooms had a shower, whilst 9 had a bathroom..

It is hardly a secret that delicacies are swimming around in the sea, but after our cook has done some culinary magic, you may discover that you have senses of taste you didn't know. The secret of good fish is that it should taste like good fish. Amongst the frequently used delicacies of the sea, we would like to mention sea scorpion, anglerfish, salmon, and redfish.



Kristiansand Airport Kjevik

The airport shuttle bus stops by the hotel


From Kristiansand

From the Zoo "Dyreparken"

From Kjevik

From Arendal

From Skien

From Oslo

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"Sørlandsbussen" Kristiansand - Oslo - Kristiansand

"Kystbussen" Kristiansand - Sarpsborg - Kristiansand

Train Railwaystation in Arendal

Room Info

The hotel is made for people who want to withdraw from the humdrum and step into another atmosphere, a different pace. The hotel has 47 rooms with a total of 150 beds. The guestrooms are recently renovated with freshly redone floors and tiled bathrooms. The rooms are bright, and most of them have a sea view.