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Gregory Moore

7/15/18 Norway arrangements
The trip to Norway was fantastic! Hotels, transportation, boats, ships, locations, time spent at each place – all was just perfect. My husband, daughter and I are most appreciative!
Started our cruise out of Bergen in the outdoor hot tub! We had a perfect weather day on our fjord cruise. Even saw porpoises as we were having our breakfast one morning.
Maybe one day we will go to the tip top of Norway. So much of the world yet to see though.
Thanks for a great experience.

Edwin Joba

7/2/18 Scenic Norway tour
Spoke to Mr. Joba today and they had a fantastic time. Everything was wonderful. Just wanted to share this with you.


John Hiss

June 26, 2018
Thanks so much for everything - our trip has been SO wonderful so far, and we really appreciate all your help!! For future travelers, the Hotel Husafell was really wonderful - it sits in a gorgeous valley and while there are no towns nearby, if someone is looking for a different part of Iceland and likes the outdoors, there are lots of things to do nearby and the hotel and restaurant are very good. Vik was also gorgeous - tons of waterfalls, horses and gorgeous fields full of lupines on the drive - but far away. We could have easily spent 2-3 more days in Iceland. And everything about our trip to Norway has been perfect. On to Sweden tomorrow!!

Judd Herman

Trip was wonderful. We were extremely lucky with the weather - we had one beautiful day after another in Norway - lots and lots of sunshine and no rain. So spoiled!!! Iceland was rainy and cold, but it was fine. I loved the bus tour and seeing the beautiful scenery and the trip to the Blue Lagoon! Otherwise, I could probably skip returning to Iceland - was not impressed at all with Icelandair or the Reykjavik airport. Loved Oslo - definitely want to go back there someday, and the Norway scenery was breathtaking, and Bergen so interesting and charming. Everything we did was super fun! It was the perfect trip! Photo from Balestrand attached 🙂
You and Ulla did good!!! Thank you!

John Plump Jr

25 Oct 2017
Hi Berniece,
I just had a long chat with the travelers. The Scantour trip was excellent!! Everything was well paced and went off without a single hitch.

Madelaine Einbinder

Sept 30, 2017 "Magic of Scandinavia and the Norwegian Fjords"
Dear Ulla,

I am happy to share my thoughts about our Scandinavian trip. We chose this trip because it included every city we wanted to see and the Sognefjord, but still allowed us a lot of free time without prearranged meals and activities. The half day city tours were perfect for us, and we took advantage of some of the optional tours too, but we researched a lot on our own and spent our free time seeing those sites that might not have appealed to the larger group. So I think the trip was really a great success for us!

I think that the one thing that made our trip exceptional was the expertise of our guide, Horacio Cavilli. I don't know if you know him personally, so in case you don't let me give you a little background. He was born in Italy, raised in Buenos Aires, and has lived in Copenhagen for many years. He was fluent in English and Spanish and Portuguese, although he was humble about his knowledge of Portuguese. When we first met our group in the hotel lobby in Copenhagen, I was a little apprehensive upon learning that Paul and I were the only English speakers in our group of 27. Everyone else was from Argentina or Brazil, so all information would have to be provided in three languages. My apprehension soon disappeared, as Horacio was expert at making sure all information was given in all three languages. (It even improved my Spanish a little.) He also was extremely knowledgeable concerning Danish, Norwegian and Swedish history, which helped immensely as we journeyed from place to place and learned how the history of the three countries was intertwined. He was energetic, cheerful even when there were minor inconveniences or bad weather, positive and kind with everyone. He was also willing to discuss pros and cons of Scandinavian social democracies while always being appropriate and respectful. And he had a terrific sense of humor! I'm not sure if there is some way you can convey this to his employer (apparently Dorothy Tours?) or whether there is a way I could do that myself. If so, please let me know how to do that.

Many thanks,
Madelaine (Einbinder)

Ronald Kaplan

9/28 - Land of the Fjords
They had a wonderful time!
Thought the trip was very well done.
Thank you so much

Warren Estey

9/28/17 Iceland Self-Drive
Hi Ulla. We really enjoyed the trip and found it was very well organized. The iPad and informational materials were great. No complaints! In What other countries/regions do you use this format?
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