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Steven Peterson

Nov 2, 2018, Norway and Stockholm
We had a great time. We loved the locations of the hotels which allowed us to walk and/or use public transportation. The staff in each spot was more than helpful.
Traveling during shoulder season meant that some of the exhibits were closed but because there was limited tourist traffic we were treated very specially in a couple of spots. For example at the Hardanger Museum in Utne, Norway, Monica had time to explain the exhibits to us and then because she had a friend pressing apples into juice in the same area, she asked him to open up a couple of the outdoor museum buildings - each 100 years apart in age and then she gave us a short history lesson and told us what we should look for in each building. We also got to taste the fresh apple juice - Yummy! There were a couple of other instances like the one above.
Yes, Norway was expensive - you warned us. We just shut our eyes, signed the credit card statement and moved on. It rained, more than unusual (according to the locals), but we enjoyed a couple of days of sunshine on the Fjord and Stockholm weather was pretty good. It was a beautiful day of sunshine on our last day in Stockholm and that was the day we planned to visit the Skansen Outdoor Museum - perfect timing!
I could go on about all of the other very fun experiences we enjoyed but won't bore you. We're working on settling back into USA time - both back to work today.
We thank you very, very much for all of the work you put into our trip and for helping to make it so enjoyable for us.

Susan Stewart

Hi Ulla, Jan Perkins and I are just back from our trip to Finland and St. Petersburg, and I am writing to thank you for making all the arrangements. It was pouring rain when we first arrived in Helsinki and in St. Petersburg (of course), but except for that we were blessed with sun and warm temperatures. Elena and Anastasia were both waiting for us when we got off the train and the ferry, and we had good experiences with both of them. We particularly liked the Sokos hotel for its very central location and their wonderful breakfasts.
Thanks again for all your help.

A travel agent recommended another company but they were really geared to people traveling on cruise ships. Scantours was on the same screen so I clicked and read about your tour to St Petersburg. But it was your work that was crucial, because once we were communicating with you, we got a sense that the company was not a con but was willing to work with us, answer our questions, make special arrangements for us. That gave us the confidence to believe that when we got to Helsinki, all the services we had paid for would materialize, the promised guides would appear, etc, etc. Scantours is lucky to have you, plus it is good to know they have an office and agent in the US.

Daniel Punt

9/8/18 Norway
the trip was great! thank you so much for helping organize it. we were so busy we probably would not have had this come together in time if we hadn't worked with you. so appreciated!
we loved all of it. the delicious golden circle tour was particularly cool bc the food was great and provided some cultural insights and a nice variation to seeing the natural sites. the hotel in bergen was also really cool - an old wooden building that felt several hundred years old. i'll tell you more the next time i see you! dan

Boise Ski Club

Sept 6, 2018 Group
Hi Ulla!
Thanks for your follow up, you were on my list to email today.
Actually, Mary emailed me on Tuesday evening and said they group was very happy with the entire trip!.
There were a few small hiccups that Mary has indicated in her day by day follow up, which I have attached. Those hiccups sounds like it was a complete oversight on the onsite operator.
The guides/drivers were amazing as she stated and the food was incredible. They absolutely loved the Dragsvik Hotel over the Flam Fretheim Hotel, so it was a blessing it was sold out and we had to alter the itinerary a bit.

Bellingham Group

Aug. 28, 2018: Group booking
Hi Ulla,
I meant to contact you last week to just let you know all went so very well on the group trip. I had so many things to handle upon my return I just couldn’t take the time but am now letting you know I appreciate all of the help and arrangements. The group really enjoyed everything and were so happy to experience the three countries. The hotel in Bergen was great and a perfect location. The fjords were beautiful ….. the train trip from Flam was amazing…. And they also enjoyed the little town of Hoyanger. The Oren hotel was very quaint and the meals were delicious. The guides and drivers were wonderful….particularly the guide in Bergen and Copenhagen. I think the timing and pace worked well given the limited amount of days we had and what we had to cover but I do think some people felt the one day in Stockholm that we had for the tour was too long ( but I remember we needed to set it up that way ) Our driver from Oslo to Stockholm and also from Stockholm to Copenhagen couldn’t have been nicer. (Bjorn)
Also, the individual who went off on her own after Stockholm had a great experience meeting her relatives and all the car arrangements with your help came together just fine. She was thrilled with her trip.
All in all everyone was super happy with the tour and I think for many it made a dream become a reality. I know that I myself felt I made the right decision to work with you and not even consider another tour operator. Just wanted to share all of this and to thank you again for helping set up the trip and deal with all of the special requests
Tack sa mycket,


Gregory Moore

7/15/18 Norway arrangements
The trip to Norway was fantastic! Hotels, transportation, boats, ships, locations, time spent at each place – all was just perfect. My husband, daughter and I are most appreciative!
Started our cruise out of Bergen in the outdoor hot tub! We had a perfect weather day on our fjord cruise. Even saw porpoises as we were having our breakfast one morning.
Maybe one day we will go to the tip top of Norway. So much of the world yet to see though.
Thanks for a great experience.

Edwin Joba

7/2/18 Scenic Norway tour
Spoke to Mr. Joba today and they had a fantastic time. Everything was wonderful. Just wanted to share this with you.


John Hiss

June 26, 2018
Thanks so much for everything - our trip has been SO wonderful so far, and we really appreciate all your help!! For future travelers, the Hotel Husafell was really wonderful - it sits in a gorgeous valley and while there are no towns nearby, if someone is looking for a different part of Iceland and likes the outdoors, there are lots of things to do nearby and the hotel and restaurant are very good. Vik was also gorgeous - tons of waterfalls, horses and gorgeous fields full of lupines on the drive - but far away. We could have easily spent 2-3 more days in Iceland. And everything about our trip to Norway has been perfect. On to Sweden tomorrow!!
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