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Charles Soberman

9-24-19 Norway package
All going smoothly. Now in Oslo.
Bergen hotel wonderful.
Oslo hotel beautiful and fashionable although room in small.
All travel has been without any problems. We have met some nice people and eaten excellent food.
Thank you again.

Mary Okolowicz

10/7/19 Norway customized package
We had a wonderful time. All arrangements were ideal. And we did climb the Pulpit Rock (5 hours)! But worth it. Norway is exquisite and the breads are out of this world.
Regards, Mary O.

Andrew Titley

10/5/19 Customized Norway & Copenhagen
I am very remiss in not writing to you. sooner My apologies.
The most important thing I can say is that this was truly a trip of a lifetime for my kids and me. Each “port-of-call” was special in its own unique way.
Bergen was a great intro city. Lively and fun for the kids and enough history and culture for me. Had my favorite meal of the trip there by going off the beaten track to have traditional Norwegian food at a tiny local restaurant.
The fiords and Balestrand was probably the overall favorite place of the entire trip. Quiet, laid back and stunningly gorgeous and a beautiful old hotel with fantastic buffet for each meal. The kids’ favorite activity of the trip was the rib boat adventure!
I loved Flam and the old railway. The QE II was there…not sure if that was a stop for it or if it’s there for long periods of time, but quite an impression it made in such a tight space.
Oslo is a very clean and cosmopolitan city. We had fun venturing out and loved the Viking 3D museum as well as the museum built around the ship that discovered the south pole and the Northwest Passage.
And, on to what is now one of my favorite cities in the entire world. I was just incredibly impressed with Copenhagen. Maybe because I had low expectations, but it really blew me away. I fell in love with that city. Old and charming, clean and vibrant. The kids and I absolutely adored Tivoli Gardens and my favorite activity of the trip was the castle tour. Highly recommended. Scantors did a fantastic job and the castles were just magnificent.
You really outdid yourself and I am truly grateful for how you structured the trip to take in mind both the kids and me. We had just enough planned with the right amount of free time to be spontaneous and explore on our own. Thank you so much.
All the best,


Dan Dessecker

7/5/19 Across the Wilderness of Iceland
Our trip to Iceland was fantastic! Beautiful beyond belief!
Helgi (Jon) (our guide/driver) was professional, insightful, friendly. Couldn’t have asked for a better travel companion.
Thank you so much for helping to make it happen!

McCurry Thomas

"Northern Lights Special", Feb 9, 2019
I just spoke to Trisha late yesterday afternoon about the trip. They had a FABULOUS time and loved it! Thank you and your team so much.
They loved the Blue Lagoon - they thought this was a good way to stay awake with the early morning arrival.
Their favorite part of the trip was Lake Myvatn. They wished they had stayed three nights. Their driver and guide was exceptional (his name sounded to me like it began with an R but Trish wasn't sure how it was spelled). They thought they might just have a little tour, but he showed them around for over 2 hours. They just loved him and booked a dog sled ride through him (I can't remember if it was his brother that did the dog sled excursions or just a friend). They also booked another excursion to see waterfalls plus they thought the food at Selhotel was fantastic. They loved it so much they wanted to stay.
There was a mix-up with the Golden Circle tour, and they were not picked up for the tour. They called the local number, and the issue was resolved smoothly, so they were not upset at all. They found the Golden Circle tour was disappointing after the scenery they had seen in Myvatn.
They loved the "Into the Glacier" tour and thought it was unique, interesting and amazing.
They booked on their own a Northern Lights jeep tour where the company guaranteed that they would see the northern lights or they would either give them money back or take them out again. This is how they finally saw the Northern Lights and were VERY glad they did this. Do you work with a company like this? In the future, I will want to suggest this to client who have the Northern Lights on their bucket list. Trisha said that they drove them farther and farther out until they finally saw them.
They loved the food everywhere and had some amazing meals at restaurants off the list. They said the cost was very high but felt I had properly prepared them for that.
They also thought I had prepared them well for the hotels - clean, efficient but small rooms - nothing fancy or luxurious but suitable for the trip. Economizing on the hotels to spend money on other parts of the trip.
Thank you so much for your assistance and for your follow up. The McCurry family was thrilled with their trip!

Shawn Tester

Nov. 16, 2018, Reykjavik stop-over
The Tester's loved their trip to Iceland. I included Shawn's comments below. Scan tours
is always great to work with. Thanks for assisting me with my customers.
I look forward to working with you and Bernice again on another successful
trip to Iceland.
Have a great weekend,
Milne Travel American Express

We had a great trip! The hotel was perfect, we had a great room and it was ideal to be downtown in the heart of Reykjavík. I highly recommend the Hotel Borg.
We DID see the northern lights, but unfortunately they were pretty faint. The boat tour was pretty good, and they gave us a second free night to try again.... it was actually the second night we saw the lights.
We also did a “golden circle” tour—- this I would HIGHLY suggest to anyone visiting Iceland. We spent the day outside the city, seeing many natural wonders. Simply beautiful!
Thanks for helping me pull this together!

Diana Maisonet

11-7-18 Guided Iceland Circle tour
Hello Ulla.
The trip was fabulous! We had a great time and I've never seen such natural beauty. I bet I took 300 photos. Our guide, Jonas, was amazing and showed us the best of everything. The Icelandair hotels were very nice. The other ones were functional, but not nearly as nice as Icelandair hotels. I have already recommended this Scantours trip to some of my friends. Thanks for your help and thanks for taking the time to follow up with me.
Lisa DeMatteo

Steven Peterson

Nov 2, 2018, Norway and Stockholm
We had a great time. We loved the locations of the hotels which allowed us to walk and/or use public transportation. The staff in each spot was more than helpful.
Traveling during shoulder season meant that some of the exhibits were closed but because there was limited tourist traffic we were treated very specially in a couple of spots. For example at the Hardanger Museum in Utne, Norway, Monica had time to explain the exhibits to us and then because she had a friend pressing apples into juice in the same area, she asked him to open up a couple of the outdoor museum buildings - each 100 years apart in age and then she gave us a short history lesson and told us what we should look for in each building. We also got to taste the fresh apple juice - Yummy! There were a couple of other instances like the one above.
Yes, Norway was expensive - you warned us. We just shut our eyes, signed the credit card statement and moved on. It rained, more than unusual (according to the locals), but we enjoyed a couple of days of sunshine on the Fjord and Stockholm weather was pretty good. It was a beautiful day of sunshine on our last day in Stockholm and that was the day we planned to visit the Skansen Outdoor Museum - perfect timing!
I could go on about all of the other very fun experiences we enjoyed but won't bore you. We're working on settling back into USA time - both back to work today.
We thank you very, very much for all of the work you put into our trip and for helping to make it so enjoyable for us.
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