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Escorted Tours In Sognefjord, Norway

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Land of the Fjords Superior
9 Days / 9 locations in Sweden and Norway
From $4248 Per Person Double Occupancy

Welcome to Bergen and a new magnificent tour around the fjords of Norway! View Itinerary & Departures »

Prominent Fjords of Norway
9 Days / 10 locations in Norway
From $3615 Per Person Double Occupancy

We are pleased to offer you the ultimate tour of Norway - a quality first class tour at a leisurely pace during which you will experience Norway while staying at very good first class hotels right in the heart of each city. The scenic highlights include the longest fjord in Norway - The Sognefjord, and the Briksdal Glacier. Whilst in the Fjord area you will stay at hotels belonging to "The Prominent Hotels of the Fjords of Norway". You will be travelling on the famous FlÃ¥m Railway and cruising the fjords by ferries and boat. Bergen, the Capital of the fjords, will surprise and enchant you. Throughout the tour you will travel by first class coach and with one of our professional Tour Escorts who will ensure you get full enjoyment during your holiday. View Itinerary & Departures »

Spring in Norway!
5 Days / 9 locations in Norway
From $1921 Per Person Double Occupancy

Welcome to Norway and a charming tour in a beautiful wild nature! View Itinerary & Departures »