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Scenic Trails of Iceland- Soft Hiking

Soft Hiking

10 Days / 12 locations in Iceland

2020 Departures
June 28
July 12
August 16
Prices From$3885 per Person Double
$1275 Single Supplement
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Iceland is an ideal country for soft adventure hiking, with fantastic trails that take you closer to beautiful natural wonders.

This tour combines short guided hikes with small group sightseeing in a small bus/van. Each day enjoy inspiring guided short hikes on trails in both world-famous areas as well as lesser known—but equally fantastic—destinations. Some examples include majestic Asbyrgi Canyon, the beloved Thorsmork and Myvatn Nature Reserves and and the colourful Landmannalaugar hot spring wilderness. Your expert guide will share Icelandic stories and folktales connected to the areas where you hike. A highlight of the trip is a visit to charming Siglufjordur, a town becoming known for its excellent outdoor recreation.


This tour stays in hotels with private bathrooms, generally a mix of four and three star hotels. Most of the groups stay at the following hotels. Please note this is an advised hotel list and subject to change.

Day 1- Radisson Blu Saga Hotel or CenterHotel Midgardur

Day 2- Bifrost Hotel or similar

Day 3 & 4- Hotel Sigló or similar

Day 5 & 6- Laxa Hotel or similar

Day 7 & 8- Stracta Hotel Hella

Day 9 – Radisson Blu Saga Hotel


Day 1     Reykjavik

On your own, transfer to Reykjavik. We recommend the easy and convenient FlyBus Plus transfers, which can be booked through Iceland Travel. If your flight lands early in the day, a great suggestion is to explore Reykjavík, the largest municipality in Iceland.

If you would enjoy a scenic walk on your arrival day, Reykjavik has many local walking trails that take you by the seaside and through pretty neighbourhoods.

Dinner is on your own. Reykjavik offers a multitude of restaurants and/or coffee-houses, making dinner a great way to get better acquainted with Iceland's capital.

Please note guaranteed early check-in is not included in the price. Most hotels begin check-in around 14:00 (2:00pm).

Overnight in Reykjavik

Day 2     Reykjavik - Siglufjordur - Borgarfjordur
Meals: Breakfast / Dinner

Whale Fjord- Tallest Waterfall – Elfin Folklore

Breakfast at your hotel. Begin the day with a short orientation tour of Reykjavik. Drive along the scenic coastline of Hvalfjordur Fjord, one of Iceland‘s longest and deepest, on the way to Glymur. This is Iceland's highest waterfall, which descends gracefully in streaming ribbons down a 200-metre (658 foot) drop into a massive canyon adorned in lush, green moss. Both the fjord and the waterfall are linked to a local legend about a mythical whale that swam up the waterfall into the lake at the top. Eerily enough, whale bones have been found here! Spend some time hiking in the area to enjoy different views of the waterfall and surrounding nature. Before heading to your overnight accommodation, you will also visit the amazing Hraunfossar “’Lava” waterfalls and the Deildartunguhver, the most powerful rushing hot springs in Europe.

Dinner and overnight stay in the Borgarfjordur area.

Hiking information for Glymur waterfall:

Distance: 5 km / 3,1 miles

Elevation: 357 m / 1.172 ft

Walking time: About 4 - 5 hours

Note: Part of the trail includes walking through a small river on a natural bridge in the water. The crossing is not difficult but good to know about it. (Some people like to carry along a pair of wading shoes to use during this part of the trail, but this is not required. This day we do not recommend using hiking poles for the trail

Entrance to Krauma bath resort included (w.o.towel)

Day 3     Siglufjordur
Meals: Breakfast

Eleven waterfall – Intriguing Crater – Lava Rock Canyon – Seaside Basalt Columns

Approximate distance: ca300km / 186miles

Today’s Hiking Level: 2 Easy

Breakfast at your hotel. Continue your discoveries of Borgarfjordur with a refreshing short walk to Glanni, a multi-tiered waterfall rumoured to be a home for elves and trolls. You will then visit the 3,500-year-old Grabrok crater, which has hiking trails to the top of the crater for remarkable views over moss-covered lava fields. The hike up the crater is steep, but steps have built on part of the route to make the hike easier. Continue your scenic journey as you cross Holtavorduheidi plateau, the gateway between North and South Iceland. Head to the Vididalur Valley and its rushing river. Here you will hike in Kolugljufri, a lava rock canyon that leads to a hidden waterfall. Continue to the charming village of Hofsos and take a short stroll down to Stadarbjargarvik inlet to admire a group of beautifully geometric basalt columns located. Then drive to the stunning Trollaskagi (Troll Peninsula) with its amazing views of mountains and fjords to your destination in Siglufjordur town.

Overnight stay in Siglufjordur for the next two nights. Dinner is on your own at one of the town’s charming restaurants. Tonight, recharge your body and soul with a soak in the hotel’s geothermal hot tubs. With a view over the harbour and the fjord, the hot tubs are a perfect setting for relaxation.

Nature walk information for Glanni waterfall:

Distance: 350 m / less than a mile

Elevation: Very little

Walking time: About 10 minutes

Hiking information for Grabrok:

Distance: Varies

Elevation: 1.000 m / 328 ft

Walking time: About 1 hour

Hiking information for Kolugljufur:

Distance: Varies, route chosen by guide

Elevation: Very little

Walking time: About 30 minutes to 1 hour

Nature walk information for Stadarvikurbjarg:

Distance: Minimal

Elevation: Very little

Walking time: About 5-10 minutes

Please note this is a general guide. Actual times may vary based on weather and trail conditions. Our expert guides will assess and choose the actual hiking routes and hiking duration for each day based on weather and the fitness/experience level of your group.

Day 4     Siglufjordur
Meals: Breakfast

Distance is variable

Award Winning Herring Era Museum – Spectacular Hiking - Traditional Meat Soup

Today’s Hiking Level: Varies, based on group activity level

Breakfast at your hotel. Trollaskagi, The Troll Peninsula, is a hidden gem in Iceland, a bit separated from the rest of the country by its high mountain range. The area is home to numerous little-known hiking routes showcasing spectacular scenery.

In the morning visit the award-winning Herring Era Maritime Museum, where the harbour atmosphere of the early 20th century is brought to life in three historical buildings.

In the afternoon, take an exciting and scenic hike. This afternoon’s hike is led by an expert local guide who will decide which trail is best to explore based on the experience level of the group and trail conditions. The total hiking time is variable, based on group experience. Those who do not wish to participate in the locally-guided hike can stay behind in Siglufjordur and enjoy a light walk in the scenic areas around the village with the tour group guide.

After an active day in the outdoors, visit the home of a local resident for a home-cooked meal of hearty Icelandic meat soup featuring local ingredients.

Overnight in Siglufjordur, where you can enjoy the hotel’s geothermal hot tubs.

Hiking information for Siglufjordur area:

Distance: Varies, route chosen by guide

Elevation: Varies, route chosen by guide

Walking time: Varies, route chosen by guide, max 4-5 hours

If you decide to walk the Siglufjardarskard trail it is a 3.5 – 4 level hike with a distance of 11-12 km (6 -7 miles), elevation of 630 metres/2.067 feet) and 4-5 hours hiking time. Otherwise, alternate routes will be available.

Day 5     Akureyri - Lake Myvatn
Meals: Breakfast / Dinner

Waterfall of the Gods - Geothermal & Volcanic Activity – Outdoor Nature Spa

Today’s Hiking Level: 2 Easy

Breakfast at your hotel. The day begins with spectacular views of mountains and coast as you head along the Troll Peninsula and Eyjafjordur fjord. Make a short stop in Akureyri, the colorful “capital” of North Iceland. After some time to enjoy the atmosphere of this charming town, drive to picturesque Godafoss, the ‘Waterfall of the Gods’ before heading to Lake Myvatn Nature Reserve, a geological wonderland of amazing landscape contrasts. With the powerful peaks of Mt. Hverfjall and Krafla volcano as a backdrop, Lake Myvatn has a surprising serenity that is ideal for light hiking. Summertime is peak birding season, so it‘s good to have some binoculars on hand to catch diverse species, possibly even the rare Barrow’s golden eye. Begin your Myvatn adventure with a hike to Hverfjall crater. Nearby is Dimmuborgir, where you’ll take a walk among the strange “Dark Castles” with their rugged stacks of towering rocks.

Take a walk through the Martian- like terrain of Namaskard geothermal field. Here you'll view boiling fumaroles, brightly colored slopes and violently bubbling pools of mud. The tour will then stop at the Myvatn Nature Baths where you can see how the locals benefit from the geothermal activity. Enjoy the benefits yourself, with a relaxing swim in these azure blue geothermal springs. It's a relaxing reward for an adventerous day in the outdoors!

Hiking information for Hverfjall:

Distance: 4 km / 2,5 miles

Elevation: 190 m / 623 ft

Walking time: About 2-2,5 hours

Nature walk information for Dimmuborgir:

Distance: 2,4 km / 1,5 miles

Elevation: Very little

Walking time: About 1 -2 hours

Please note this is a general guide. Actual times may vary based on weather and trail conditions. Our expert guides will assess and choose the actual hiking routes and hiking duration for each day based on weather and the fitness/experience level of your group.

Overnight in the area

Day 6     Vatnajokull Glacier - Dettifoss - Lake Myvatn
Meals: Breakfast / Dinner

Edge of the Arctic - Horseshoe Canyon - Europe's Mighties Waterfall - Echoing Rocks

Breakfast at your hotel. Today you will be hiking in the northern part of Vatnajokull National Park, the largest national park in Western Europe. The park is named after vast Vatnajokull Glacier and covers about 14% of Iceland’s surface.

Begin with a trip around the fossil-rich Tjornes Peninsula on the edge of the Arctic Circle to Vatnajokull National Park. Your first discovery in the park is the enormous horseshoe-shaped Asbyrgi canyon. According to Norse mythology, the canyon is the hoof-print left by Sleipnir, the god Odinn‘s magical eight-legged horse. Take a trail leading to the bottom of the canyon with views of an enchanting pond as well as an area where you can look over the canyon. Continue onwards to Hljodaklettar or ‘Echo Rocks’, a distinctive cluster of angular rock columns. The unique shape of the rocks creates interesting acoustics and echoes. Hlodaklettar is near Jokulsargljufur, Iceland‘s longest canyon. The canyon was carved by a river flowing from Vatnajokull Glacier.

Spend the remainder of your afternoon exploring the lush vegetation and forested areas of Hlodaklettar where stones stand like troll sentinels. (hiking route can be adjusted to the level of the group).

The day ends with an unforgettable visit to Europe’s mightiest waterfall, Dettifoss, a thundering cascade of glacial water and mist among shattered cliffs. An easy trail leads you down to the waterfall. Afterwards, return to the Lake Myvatn area for your overnight.

Dinner and overnight in the Myvatn area.

Hiking scale: - - -

The guide will assess and choose the hiking routes for each day based on weather and the fitness/experience level of the group.

Day 7     Langjokull - Gullfoss Waterfall - Hella
Meals: Breakfast / Dinner

Historical Highland Track– Glacial Views - Geothermal Scenery – Golden Falls and Active Geysers

Approximate distance: ca470km / 292miles

Today’s Hiking Level: Very Easy ( Expect to be driving on bumpy roads today- part of the fun!)

Breakfast at your hotel. Today you will head into the wilderness heartland via Kjolur mountain track. This route goes back to Viking times and heads straight through Iceland’s uninhabited interior highlands, passing between the mighty Langjokull and Hofsjokull glaciers. You will see Iceland’s true remoteness and nature at its rawest. This area of black sand deserts has numerous scenic walking paths along the way, dotted with hidden geothermal treasures and green oases. The highlands also hold ghost stories and tales of outlaws, including the famous couple Eyvindur and Halla. Your group will stop at Hveravellir, a multi-coloured geothermal field with a natural pool that is perfect for a relaxing break.

The Kjolur highland route emerges into civilization again in the Gullfoss and Geysir area. Gullfoss, the majestic waterfall of sparkling mist and thundering water, is situated on the Hvita River, which is fed by Iceland’s second largest glacier, Langjokull. The intriguing great Geysir area is nearby, a steamy geothermal field of bubbling mud and high-shooting hot springs.

Dinner and overnight in the Hella area. A perfect way to end the day is a soothing soak in the hotel’s geothermal hot tub and sauna.

Day 8     Hella - Landmannalaugar
Meals: Breakfast

Brilliantly Colored Wilderness – Hekla Volcano – Hot Springs

Approximate distance: ca210km / 130miles

Today’s Hiking Level: 3 ( Moderate ( Expect some roads you drive on today to be bumpy)

Breakfast at your hotel. Iceland’s southern highland wilderness sets a surreal stage for today’s adventure. The uninhabited areas of Landmannalaugar and Fjallabak are a geological paradise with volcanic craters, multi-coloured rhyolite mountains, steaming lava fields, and the ominous Hekla volcano. There are many beautiful walking trails in the area, and a crater-filled lake lush with brown trout. Today your guide will choose the best route for your group based on your overall experience level and trail conditions. Hiking times vary based on route chosen.

Afterwards, enjoy the benefits of this geothermal area with a refreshing swim in Landmannalaugar’s hot-spring fed river, one of the most unique natural springs in Iceland.

Overnight in the Hella area. Dinner is on your own.

Hiking information for Landmannalaugar:

Distance: 8,5 km / 5 miles

Elevation: About 300 m / About 984 feet

Walking time: About 4-5 hours (several trails combined)

Please note this is a general guide. Actual times may vary based on weather and trail conditions. Our expert guides will assess and choose the actual hiking routes and hiking duration for each day based on weather and the fitness/experience level of your group.

Day 9     Thorsmork Nature Reserve - Reykjavik
Meals: Breakfast

Thor’s Playground – Glacial Views – Walk behind a Waterfall

Approximate distance: ca225km / 140miles

Today’s Hiking Level: 3 : Moderate ( Expect some roads you drive on today to be quite bumpy)

Breakfast at your hotel. Thorsmork Nature Reserve (also known as the Thor’s Playground) should be on every nature lover’s bucket list. This enchanted hidden valley is nestled between two glaciers and protected by rivers and mountains. On the way Thorsmork, stop at Seljalandsfoss waterfall, where you can gain a different perspective by walking behind the curtain of cascading water. Once within Thorsmork, walk along marked trails in the beautiful scenery of delicate trees and green grass surrounded by towering mountains and glacial tongues. Your guide will choose the best route for your group based on your overall experience level and trail conditions. Hiking times vary based on route chosen.

After a beautiful day here, the tour heads to Reykjavik, arrving around 18:00 (6:00pm).

Overnight stay in Reykjavik. Dinner is on your ow

Overnight stay in Reykjavik. Dinner is on your own.

Hiking information for Thorsmork:

Distance: 5-6 km / 3-4 miles

Elevation: About 200-300 m / About 656 – 984 ft

Walking time: About 4-5 hours (several trails combined)

Please note this is a general guide. Actual times may vary based on weather and trail conditions. Our expert guides will assess and choose the actual hiking routes and hiking duration for each day based on weather and the fitness/experience level of your group.

Day 10     Reykjavik
Meals: Breakfast

If your flight is in the afternoon we recommend taking the time to explore Reykjavik or to enjoy a relaxing dip in the popular Blue Lagoon on your way to Keflavik airport. (Airport transfer not included, but we would be happy to arrange it for you.)

Note: We reserve the right to alter routes without prior notice due to road conditions.



Max. 16 Participants

This tour combines enjoyable short hikes with sightseeing in a small coach or tour van. Each hike generally ranges from 1- 5 hours, with the longest hiking done on Day 6. Hikes offered during the tour are mixture of easy and moderate routes. Participants do not need to be expert hikers, but they should be in reasonable physical shape. The trip hiking is also designed to be flexible: each day’s hiking will be adjusted to your group’s general fitness level, weather and trail conditions.

A big appeal of hiking in Iceland is that is an authentic, natural experience. This means most hiking paths in Iceland are not paved. Expect trails to have lava rocks, loose gravel, soft dirt and muddy areas. In some cases trails follow narrow paths created from sheep trails. We highly recommend that you bring hiking poles/alpine walking sticks on this tour.

We right to change hiking routes in the itinerary based on weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

Optional Tours And Activities

Horse riding tour in the evening | 2 hrs | in Hella

Price Includes
Daily Breakfast
Hotel Accommodations
Meat Soup in Siglufjordur, Day 3
4 Dinners in the Countryside, Days 2, 5, 6, 7
5-Day Guided Tour As Per Itinerary From/to Reykjavik
4 Lunch Boxes (day 6, 7, 8 and 9)
Hiking in the Siglufjordur Area With a Local Guide (day 3)
Entrance to Herring Era Museum (day 6)
Service Fee at Landmannalaugar Hot Springs (day 8)
Entrance to Krauma Bath Resort on Day 2
Price Does Not Include
 Optional Excursions
 Round-Trip Transfers Between Keflavik Airport and Reykjavik
 International Airfare