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Faroe Islands Explorer

8 Days / 6 locations in Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands is a firm favorite with National Geographic Traveler Magazine. This gem of a destination has been voted the ‘Best Trip 2015’ destination by the magazine’s readers – and only a few years ago the same readers rated the Faroe Islands as the No. 1 destination in the world among 111 island communities.

Midway between Norway and Iceland the Faroe Islands rise out of the Atlantic Ocean like a hardy little flower. The islands offer thrilling experiences and a rugged environment: Steep cliffs rising from the open sea, narrow straits between the islands, natural harbours surrounded by small villages and a countless number of birds. A nation of 18 small islands of which 17 are inhabited by less than 50.000 people and more than 3 million sea birds – a dream for the ornithologists and all nature lovers.

Ancient Norse culture still alive today

The Faroese are a proud people who, due to the geographical location, have been able to preserve their own culture and their own language which has its roots in the Old Norse language from the Viking Age. History is still an integral part of the daily life – it is one of the few places in the world where you can still experience the old medieval ballads and chain dance, which people in Europe practiced more than 800 years ago.

Amazing scenery and easy to drive around

The scenery at the Faroe Islands is spectacular.

You can experience all four seasons in one day, which is rather unique - from brilliant sunshine to misty hill fog, to short rain showers. Average temperature in the summer is 11C and in the winter 3C.

Driving on the Faroe Islands is easy; the infrastructure is of very good quality and the distances short. You can see a lot in only a few days. It is generally not necessary to use GPS as the roads are clearly marked and given the small size of the islands it is virtually impossible to get lost.


Day 1     Vagar Island - Torshavn
Accommodation: Torshavn Hotel

Arrival from Copenhagen or Reykjavik. Pick up your car from the Tourist Information in the Airport. Their representative will hand out maps, and answer any questions you might have about driving in the Faroes. Drive towards Torshavn for check at the hotel.

Day 2     Torshavn
Accommodation: Torshavn Hotel
Meals: Breakfast

Breakfast at the hotel.

Start your Faroe Islands discovery. We recommend a visit to the old cultural center of Kirkjubøur, where you can visit the 900-year old wooden house Roykstovan, considered to be the oldest of its kind in the world. Ruins of the old cathedral are one of the biggest cultural attractions on the Faroes.

We would also recommend going by ferry to the little island of Nolsey in front of Torshavn. Here you can go for a stroll around the little village where time seemingly has been standing still for years.

Day 3     Torshavn - Eysturoy - Runavik
Accommodation: Runavik Hotel
Meals: Breakfast

Breakfast at the hotel.

Say goodbye to Torshavn and drive north. En route you can visit the beautiful small villages of Saksun and Tjørnuvik. Continue to the village of Runavik on southern Eysturoy where you will spend the next two nights.

Day 4     Eysturoy
Accommodation: Runavik Hotel
Meals: Breakfast

Breakfast at the hotel.

Explore the island of Eysturoy at your own pace.

Day 5     Eysturoy - Klaksvik - Gjogv, Faroe Islands
Accommodation: Guesthouse Gjaargardur
Meals: Breakfast

Breakfast at the hotel.

Drive to Leivik and inspect the restored Viking ruins in the town before continuing further north to Nordoyggjar (The Northern Isles). There should be plenty of time to explore some of the tiny settlements as well as the town of Klaksvik before arriving in Gjogv.

It is a tiny village with dramatic views of the North Atlantic. Guesthouse Gjaargardur is a cozy retreat where we hope you will feel at home.

Day 6     Eysturoy
Accommodation: Guesthouse Gjaargardur
Meals: Breakfast

Breakfast at the hotel.

Discover the amazing nature on a few different walks on the northern part of Eysturoy.

Day 7     Gjogv, Faroe Islands - Vagar Island
Accommodation: Vagar Hotel
Meals: Breakfast

Breakfast at the hotel.

Drive back towards Vagar Island - we recommend you explore the village of Vestmanna on the way - if time allows you can join one of the boat tours to the Birdcliffs on the coastline outside the bay.

Day 8     Vagar Island
Meals: Breakfast

Breakfast at the hotel. Return your car at the airport before check in and return flight to Copenhagen or Reykjavik.



The Price Is Based On An Opel Corsa

Tour can be taken Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Price Includes
Roundtrip Flight To/from Vagar With All Taxes
Car Rental from Day 1 Until Day 8 Incl. Free Milage, Cdw and Theft Protecti
Accomodation With Private Facilities and Breakfast Inluded
Detailed Trip Sheet With Plenty of Suggestions of What to See
Price Does Not Include
 Travel Insurance
 Tunnel Fees