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Dubrovnik, Croatia


Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities on the Croatian coast. In the Middle Ages the Republic of Dubrovik was an important rival of Venice. Many buildings in the old city center testify of this glorious past and to its venetian influence.

The walls of Dubrovnik girdle a perfectly preserved complex of public and private, sacral and secular buildings representing all periods of the citys history, beginning with its founding in the 7th century. Particular mention should be made of the citys main street, Stradun, the Prince's Palace, the church of St Vlaho, the Cathedral, three large monasteries, the Custom's Office and the City Hall. The Republic of Dubrovnik was the centre of a separate political and territorial entity, and was proud of its culture, its achievements in commerce and especially of its freedom, preserved down so many tempestuous centuries.

Today, Dubrovnik is also a very lively city, with many things to do, both at day and night times. The coast nearby offers all sorts of activities and the town has many restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

The harbour is located around 20 metres from the main street and the Rectors Palace.

While local currency is appreciated the Euro is widely accepted.