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Brosarps Gastgiveri

Swedish Countryside Hotels


Welcome to Brösarps Inn, a 300 year old roadside tavern. A meeting place for the nobility, the clergy, burghers and farmers since 1684.

When you enter the vestibule of the Br√∂sarp Inn, in √Ėsterlen, Sk√•ne, the first thing that catches your eye is a fine diploma for the best egg cake, awarded by the egg cake testers from √Östorp, Klippan, √Ąngelholm and Ljungbyhed. This distinguished prize is awarded every year and the dish is always to be found on the menu.

- Naturally we serve many specialities from Skåne, using the raw materials from the district. We make a point of using ecologically growwn vegetables and we purchase wild boars from local breeders. We buy our fish from the harbour in Simrishamn. I spend a great deal of my time driving around and fetching home goods, states Anders Cederberg who is the managing director, and Mine Host, at the Inn.

He took over the establishment at the beginning of the 1990:s and has taken a great deal of trouble to furnish the old 19th century building with rustic furniture from Sk√•ne and with art from various √Ėsterlen painters.

Anders worked as a lawyer for many years and ran a law office in Simrishamn. But for reasons of health he decided that he wanted to go over to something which did not entail so much of sitting still. Together with other participants he took over a property company which at that time owned, among other things, the old pub in Brösarp. In 1994 he took over the position of managing director and has since then expanded his business to embrace also Dalby Inn and Tjörnedala Pub.

- We wanted to retain the old atmosphere of an inn: these activities have been carried out here since the 17th century. But we have also modernized the menu and we serve an internationally high class cuisine.

Brösarp Inn has attracted internnational attention and has been described in the well-known German gourmet magazine Feinschmecker. Brösarp has been represented in Bästa Bord for several years now. The wine list is long and includes many interesting labels. The chief cook, Leif Forsberg, presents here an exciting menu with gourmet dishes of high class and with an influence from Skåne. One can spend the night at the inn and around Brösarp there are many stimulating places to visit. Brösarps antique market is arranged every year in February or March.


The hills of Brösarp! Exciting to scramble to the top, and good views when you get there. Cowslips in the spring, a rich flora in the summer. Pleasant relaxation and always close to the good food. A fascinating part of Swedens nature.

Take with you a picnic basket to the hills and enjoy the delightful surroundings. Mine host will gladly fix you a lunch packet for an interesting ramble in the easily accessible and variied countryside. There are quite a few golf courses in the vicinity, and we have our own activities such as pentathlon, Br√∂sarp style wine tasting, wild life safari, or a tour of √Ėsterlen with a local guide.

There also exists the possibility of a safari tour with our own eko-tourism certified guide in the Kristianstad wetlands.

Room Info

Your own room

A peaceful oasis where you can relax in comfortable surroundings. Here it is easy to gain new strength. Wonderful to sleep well and long in the cool breeze from the sea

If you wnat to do more than just to enjoy the environment, we have refreshing and enjoyable proposals for activities.

Prices for overnight stay include breakfast. At our inn you sleep in clean and comfortable beds. All rooms are equipped with TV and telephone. Access can be had to a sauna. After you have enjoyed a good dinner it is pleasant to relax in front of a fire in one of our lounges.