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The Arctic consists of ocean surrounded by continental land masses and islands. The central Arctic Ocean is ice-covered year-round, and snow and ice are present on land for most of the year.

The southern limit of the arctic region is commonly placed at the Arctic Circle (latitude 66 degrees, 32 minutes North). The Arctic Circle is an imaginary line that marks the latitude above which the sun does not set on the day of the summer solstice (usually 21 June) and does not rise on the the day of the winter solstice (usually 21 December). North of this latitude, periods of continuous daylight or night last up to six months at the North Pole.

Traveling in the Arctic by ship gives you the rare opportunity to see places that others seldom see. The pristine environment and unusual wildlife offer an experience which you will always remember. Scantours offers cruises to Svalbard, Greenland, and Iceland with exceptional guides and shore excursions.

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Around Spitsbergen, Kvitoya & Polar Bear
10 Days / 2 locations in Svalbard, Norway
From $7400 Per Person Double Occupancy
M/V Hondius

Voyage around Spitsbergen where we also visit Kvitøya. We have chances to see the King of the Arctic, Walruss, Reindeer, various bird species and surprisingly beautiful flora. We hope to get to the rarely visited Kvitøya farthest to the east, close to the Russian territory. The island is dominated by an icecap, which leaves a small area bare of ice and snow. We will land at the western tip at Andréneset, where the Swedish explorer André and his companions perished in 1898. We will also try to get to Kraemerpynten in the east, where an enormous group of Walrus resides. View Itinerary & Departures »

Central Spitsbergen Arctic Autumn
8 Days / 1 locations in Svalbard, Norway
From $3150 Per Person Double Occupancy
S/V Noorderlicht

The central Spitsbergen cruise offers the chance to explore both the beautiful fjord region as well as the history of the people who have lived and worked here. The expedition is also a wonderful way to enjoy the wildlife in its natural habitat and one of the great attractions in the Arctic: The Northern Lights. View Itinerary & Departures »

East Spitsbergen - Arctic Academy
10 Days / 2 locations in Svalbard, Norway
From $7400 Per Person Double Occupancy
M/V Ortelius

This is a voyage, with a group of scientists on the ship, who will follow-up on the investigations which Dutch researchers began on Edgeøya in the 20th century. Academic voyage organized by the Dutch University of Groningen to the Island Edgeøya south of Spitsbergen. Voyage dedicated to science and research. View Itinerary & Departures »

Iceberg Cruise from Reykjavik
7 Days / 5 locations in Greenland
From $4524 Per Person Double Occupancy
MV Sarfaq Ittuk

This week-long tour includes the very highlights of Greenland. Experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ilulissat Ice Fjord during a stay at 4-star Hotel Arctic, and enjoy the Arctic landscape and tranquility during a short cruise to the capital of Nuuk on board the local steamer M/S Sarfaq Ittuk. View Itinerary & Departures »

Isfjorden Adventure, Late Arctic Autumn
8 Days / 2 locations in Svalbard, Norway
From $3150 Per Person Double Occupancy
S/V Noorderlicht

Embark on a scenic exploration of the deep Arctic, visiting the mountain-fringed bay of Trygghamna, the jagged blue glacier front at Borebukta, and the icy panorama of Isfjord, Svalbard’s second largest fjord – along with stops at Russian ghost towns, geological wonders, and wintry shorelines sparkling under the eerie green auroras of the northern lights. View Itinerary & Departures »

North Norway Aurora Borealis, Hike & Sail
8 Days / 1 locations in Norway
From $2750 Per Person Double Occupancy
S/V Rembrandt van Rijn

During this trip, hikes are offered (with snowshoes if needed). Snowshoeing is easy and for anyone with good health and good physical condition. It requires no technical knowledge. With the use of snowshoes you can move faster and safer on the snow surface. View Itinerary & Departures »

North Spitsbergen Arctic Spring
8 Days / 2 locations in Svalbard, Norway
From $3150 Per Person Double Occupancy
S/V Noorderlicht

At the end of a long Arctic winter, spring is starting to awaken. The climate, however, still clings to the cold: snow-covered mountains, snow-swept shores, temperatures around –4° C (25°F). It’s a good time to experience the last of winter scenery, and with a little luck, also see some polar bears, walruses, and seals. View Itinerary & Departures »

North Spitsbergen Arctic Summer
11 Days / 2 locations in Svalbard, Norway
From $4450 Per Person Double Occupancy
S/V Noorderlicht

The North Spitsbergen cruise sails to some of the remotest locations of northern Europe. The expedition gives you the opportunity to spot historic whaling remains, glaciers, a variety of Arctic birds including the Little Auk, and polar bears. View Itinerary & Departures »

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