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Cruises In Argentina

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Antarctica Express Air Expedition Cruise
6 Days / 8 locations in Argentina, Chile, South Shetland, and Antarctica
From $5595 Per Person Double Occupancy

Ocean Nova Leaving from Ushuaia, ANTARCTICA XXI takes you through the Beagle Channel and to legendary Cape Horn. Cross the mythical waters of the Drake Passage and explore one of the most spectacular places on earth, the coldest, highest, windiest, driest, and remotest continent – Antarctica.

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Antarctic Peninsula "Basecamp Ortelius"
12 Days / 1 location in Argentina
From $9650 Per Person Double Occupancy

M/V OrteliusDuring our “Basecamp Ortelius” , all offered activities (including camping, kayaking, snowshoe/hiking, mountaineering, photo workshops as well as our

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Christmas Expedition to Antarctica
17 Days / 7 locations in Antarctica, South Georgia, Argentina, South Orkney, and Falkland Islands
From $10215 Per Person Double Occupancy

M/S Fram Join us for the Christmas 2014 Expedition and enchantingly white and unique Christmas is guaranteed. We invite you on this epic voyage to Antarctica via the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the South Orkneys. The Fram family invites you to a traditional Christmas celebration and an unforgettable holiday, all set against a backdrop of icebergs and penguins

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Discover Patagonia and Antarctica Expedition Cruises
16 Days / 6 locations in Antarctica, Argentina, and Chile
From $6170 Per Person Double Occupancy

MS Midnatsolarting with an overnight stay at a hotel in Santiago de Chile, you will meet your expedition cruises ship in Punta Arenas. Then the journey south begins, and we sail through the extremely narrow Canal Gabriel and into the Garibaldi Fjord, and witness the mighty Garibaldi Glacier unfolding at the end of the fjord.

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The Great Antarctica Expedition
19 Days / 7 locations in Argentina, Falkland Islands, Antarctica, South Georgia, and South Orkney
From $8846 Per Person Double Occupancy

M/S FramJoin us on a voyage of exploration and discovery to this far corner of the earth! Enjoy the diverse wildlife and haunting scenery of the South Atlantic islands as we travel to the great White Continent of Antarctica. Come ashore for hikes, kayaking or spend a night in a tent.

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The Land of the Penguins
13 Days / 4 locations in Argentina and Antarctica
From $5402 Per Person Double Occupancy

M/S FramDiscover the magnificent scenery of the Antarctic Peninsula and its abundant summer wildlife of seals, penguins and whales. Come ashore for a close-up look at penguin colonies, modern research facilities and historic sites. Enjoy lectures, special hikes, kayaking and take the opportunity to spend the night in a tent on land!

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