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Antarctica Express Air Cruise
5 Days / 8 locations in Chile, Antarctica, South Shetland, and Argentina
From $4995 Per Person Double Occupancy

Ocean NovaPlease note that the January 5-11, 2016 departure (AE3-XPL) on board Sea Explorer is a day longer and operates in reverse, with start in Punta Arenas and end in Ushuaia. An itinerary description is available on request. The December 18, 2015 departure is also aboard the Sea Explorer.

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Antarctic Peninsula "Basecamp Ortelius"
11 Days / 1 location in Argentina
From $8650 Per Person Double Occupancy

M/V OrteliusDuring our “Basecamp Ortelius” , all offered activities (including camping, kayaking, snowshoe/hiking, mountaineering, photo workshops as well as our

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Antarctica, Falkland Islands and South Georgia
20 Days / 6 locations in Antarctica, South Shetland, South Georgia, Falkland Islands, Chile, and Argentina
From $15481 Per Person Double Occupancy

m/v Sea Explorer

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Antarctica, Falkland Islands and South Georgia
22 Days / 7 locations in Argentina, Antarctica, South Shetland, and Falkland Islands
From $10825 Per Person Double Occupancy
M/V Sea Explorer

m/v Sea ExplorerThis voyage features the clean unspoiled scenery, wildlife, and rich history of the Antarctic Peninsula, as well as the crown jewels of the Southern Ocean: South Georgia and the Falkland Islands.

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Christmas Expedition to Antarctica
17 Days / 7 locations in Antarctica, South Orkney, South Georgia, Falkland Islands, and Argentina
From $10215 Per Person Double Occupancy

M/S Fram Join us for the Christmas 2014 Expedition and enchantingly white and unique Christmas is guaranteed. We invite you on this epic voyage to Antarctica via the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the South Orkneys. The Fram family invites you to a traditional Christmas celebration and an unforgettable holiday, all set against a backdrop of icebergs and penguins

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Classic Antarctica
12 Days / 4 locations in Antarctica, Argentina, and South Shetland
From $7495 Per Person Double Occupancy

m/v Sea ExplorerIn Antarctica the silence is so perfect that every blink of an eye or every breath taken seem so loud. You will become a part of it – whether you wish it or not – with its own conditions and rules. A whale doesn’t care you have only “whale-watching” in your program when you are close enough to get a “whale shower”, leaving you bathed in fish-scented mist. A penguin leaves no chance to keep the demanded 5-meter distance, climbing up your boot. A huge piece of ice splitting off a glacier with crash and thunder breaks a silence and waves our Zodiacs. Orcas interrupt a lecture on wildlife coming right close by the ship. In the course of our exploration of the Antarctic Peninsula and its surrounding islands we will see penguin rookeries, old whaling stations, operational research stations, and elephant seal colonies. We are going to encounter the humpback and minke whales, adelie penguins, whirling Antarctic petrels and many others in their true, natural habitat.

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In the Realm of the Great Explorers
19 Days / 6 locations in Falkland Islands, Argentina, South Georgia, and Antarctica
From $8138 Per Person Double Occupancy

M/S FramAs you travel in close contact with the elements on this voyage, you will have the chance to see mighty glaciers calving into the sea, flocks of sea birds, the mighty King Penguins, fur seals and humpback whales in the icy ocean. You can also participate in exciting outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking or attending our educational onboard lecture programme.

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Polar Circle Expedition
13 Days / 4 locations in Antarctica and Argentina
From $9208 Per Person Double Occupancy

M/S FramYou're invited to sail with us as far south as the Antarctic Circle, that is a privilege only to be enjoyed on this particular voyage. Located at 66˚ 33’ south you will find yourself in an area of sublime beauty. The avid explorers joining us on this adventure will experience an area of Antarctica few others have laid their eyes on.

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