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Winter Tours In Latvia

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Baltic Winter Adventure Tour
6 Days / 2 locations in Latvia and Estonia
From $970 Per Person Double Occupancy

The winter is coming with its frosty magic, crystal snowflakes and long marvelous nights. We would like to offer to fulfill this wonderful time of the year with new emotions and to visit the picturesque Baltic Countries.

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New Year Celebration in Riga
4 Days / 1 location in Latvia
From $638 Per Person Double Occupancy
New Years Riga

New Years in Riga is beautiful and exhilarating, and 2016 New Year’s Eve definitely brings some additional magic. With a great number of traditional, magnificent architecture, churches, splendid New Year decorations, markets, inspiring music and delicious food and drinks, Riga will make your 2016 NYE unforgettable, no matter whether it’s a pre- or post-NYE time.

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Riga Christmas Market
4 Days / 1 location in Latvia
Riga Christmas

Shop for Christmas presents in the capital of Latvia, Riga!

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Riga Lights Festival
4 Days / 1 location in Latvia
From $357 Per Person Double Occupancy
Staro Riga

The seventh edition of the festival of light "Staro Rīga" will be held this year. The festival has become highly popular and anticipated among Rigans and tourists. In 2015 it was visited by about 500,000 people – an absolute attendance record for the festival. "Staro Rīga" is an exhibition of outdoor installations, used to transform Riga's panorama using modern light and video technology. With the help of modern light and video technology, the festival will present around one hundred outdoor installations - building lights, multimediaprojections in parks, on high-rise buildings and monuments. The play of light makes the autumn drabness disappear, and opens up acompletely different view of the city. The highlights of festival are on November 18th- The In dependence of Latvia, it was proclaimed on 18 November 1918 at the Latvian National Theatre. This day in Latvia is a public holiday — public institutions and the majority of private enterprises are closed, various events take place throughout the day

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