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Chauffeured Tours In St. Petersburg, Russia

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Taste of St. Petersburg
4 Days / 1 location in Russia
From $1111 Per Person Double Occupancy

Other hotels available - please inquire.

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Private Tour of the Baltic Cities
7 Days / 5 locations in Estonia, Finland, Russia, Latvia, and Lithuania
From $2274 Per Person Double Occupancy

Travel by car and private driver enjoying the Baltic Capitals and St. Petersburg!

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The Rise and Fall of Imperial Russia
9 Days / 2 locations in Russia
From $9484 Per Person Double Occupancy

The Romanov dynasty ruled Russia for over 300 years. Over the centuries it conquered vast territories and transformed the initially small Russian state into Imperial Russia, the biggest country in the world and one of the greatest powers of 18th and 19th century Europe. The dynasty amassed unprecedented wealth both for itself and for the Russian nobility, the Boyars, while leaving the political and social fabric of the empire in a backwards state. Thus it laid the seeds for its own downfall and it eventually vanished in the maelstrom of the political and social upheavals of 1917. This tour is an opportunity to meet one of the world’s most fascinating countries and the story of the rise and fall of a great empire and its imperial dynasty.

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