Sophie Amalie Hotel


Sophie Amalie Hotel

Copenhagen Hotel Sophie Amalie

Sophie Amalie Hotel was built in 1948, but the name originates from a story more than 300 years old. The Queen Sophie Amalie (1658 - 1685) won the hearts of the inhabitants of Copenhagen in the 17th century, when she refused to leave the city during the Swedish siege. She was daily seen on horseback at the old Copenhagen Fortifications encouraging the defending soldiers.

Sophie Amalie has been described as a charming and brilliant hostess, who took good care of the many guests of the Royal Court. For this reason we have named the hotel after her.

From 1948 - 1986 the hotel was named "Codan Hotel".

Until the mid sixties the "Codan Hotel" had a very famous restaurant at the 6th & 7th floor.

In 1984 Mr. Remmen bought the hotel and carried out a total renovation. Two years later the hotel reopened as Sophie Amalie Hotel.