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Lofoten Cruise Aboard a Sailing Vessel - Aurora Boreal
8 Days / 2 locations in Norway
From $2220 Per Person Double Occupancy

S/V NoorderlichtThe North Atlantic islands and coastlines offer some of the finest scenery and wildlife experiences in the world. From the Scottish Isles to the High Arctic, visitors to the region can witness enormous colonies of seabirds thronging the cliffs and shores, and enjoy the thrilling antics of whales and dolphins and seals at sea.

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Grand China River Cruise
16 Days / 8 locations in China
From $3699 Per Person Double Occupancy
Yangtze River Sampans China

MS Yangtze President 8This is a truly Grand China experience! All of the major cities including Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Hong Kong plus the unique Li River of Guilin – is combined with our deluxe 5 day sailing aboard the MS President 8. Enjoy 5-star accommodations and a balcony cabin while discovering the riches of China, its people, and its fascinating and diverse culture!

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Antarctic Peninsula With South Shetlands
10 Days / 3 locations in South Shetland and Antarctica
From $7900 Per Person Double Occupancy

M/V OrteliusSnowshoeing (included), kayaking and field camping (additional charge) available.

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China Three Gorges Deluxe River Cruise
18 Days / 8 locations in China
From $2499 Per Person Double Occupancy
Yangtze River Cruise

MS Yangtze President 8The Three Gorges Deluxe River Cruise is a twelve (12) day cruise including a stay on the President 8 Cruise Ship, hotel accommodations for stays along your journey, 27 meals throughout, airfare within China as stated within the itinerary, shore excursion and much more along the great Yangtze River. You will have the opportunity to visit many of the bustling popular cities as well as some small quaint towns you may have never heard of. A journey like this will sure to educate as well as gratify your interests in the Chinese culture.

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Polar Circle Expedition
13 Days / 4 locations in Antarctica and Argentina
From $10447 Per Person Double Occupancy

M/S FramYou're invited to sail with us as far south as the Antarctic Circle, that is a privilege only to be enjoyed on this particular voyage. Located at 66˚ 33’ south you will find yourself in an area of sublime beauty. The avid explorers joining us on this adventure will experience an area of Antarctica few others have laid their eyes on.

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West Spitsbergen & Isfjord Aboard a Sailing Vessel
6 Days / 3 locations in Svalbard, Norway
From $1800 Per Person Double Occupancy
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S/V NoorderlichtSpitsbergen is an Arctic archipelago about 650 kilometres (400 miles) north of Norway. The archipelago ranges from Bear Island at 74° North to Rossøya at 81° North. It is by far the largest wilderness area of Europe; it covers an area of about 62,500 km², about the size of Ireland. About 60% of the land is glaciated. Since 1925 Norway has sovereignty over Spitsbergen according to the international Spitsbergen Treaty. The Norwegian name for the archipelago is Svalbard.

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