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Lofoten Cruise Aboard a Sailing Vessel - Aurora Boreal
8 Days / 2 locations in Norway
From $2220 Per Person Double Occupancy

S/V NoorderlichtThe North Atlantic islands and coastlines offer some of the finest scenery and wildlife experiences in the world. From the Scottish Isles to the High Arctic, visitors to the region can witness enormous colonies of seabirds thronging the cliffs and shores, and enjoy the thrilling antics of whales and dolphins and seals at sea.

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Grand China River Cruise
16 Days / 8 locations in China
From $3699 Per Person Double Occupancy
China Three Gorges Dam

MS Yangtze President 8This is a truly Grand China experience! All of the major cities including Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Hong Kong plus the unique Li River of Guilin – is combined with our deluxe 5 day sailing aboard the MS President 8. Enjoy 5-star accommodations and a balcony cabin while discovering the riches of China, its people, and its fascinating and diverse culture!

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Polar Circle & Antarctica Peninsula Aboard the Ortelius
12 Days / 6 locations in Antarctica and Chile
From $9300 Per Person Double Occupancy
Cruise Map

M/V OrteliusThe Antarctic Peninsula offers you the most dramatic scenery and biggest variety of wildlife in Antarctica. In the southern summer large ice-free areas provide breeding grounds for very large numbers of seabirds and seals.

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Antarctic Peninsula & S. Shetland Islands Cruise
12 Days / 4 locations in Antarctica, South Shetland, and Chile
From $9500 Per Person Double Occupancy

M/V PlanciusSnowshoeing (included), kayaking and field camping (additional charge) available.

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China Three Gorges Deluxe River Cruise
12 Days / 7 locations in China
From $2299 Per Person Double Occupancy
Yangtze River Cruise

MS Yangtze President 8Our most popular China program includes all the highlights of China: Beijing, a deluxe Yangtze River cruise, Xian, and Shanghai. See the Great Wall, the 3 Gorges Dam, the Terra Cotta Soldiers, and stay in five star accommodations throughout your trip!

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Epic Antarctica Ross Sea Discovery Cruise
32 Days / 7 locations in New Zealand and Antarctica
From $31800 Per Person Double Occupancy

M/V OrteliusA truly unique voyage of discovery to the southern parts of the Antarctic peninsula, Peter I Island, the Bellingshausen and Amundsen Seas into the Ross Sea, visiting Shackleton’s and Scott’s huts, Mc Murdo Station, the Dry Valleys and Campbell Island Island. Our strongest ice-class vessel, Ortelius will be equipped with helicopters. Be prepared for true emotion and one unforgettable memory!

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In Shackletons Footsteps Cruise
20 Days / 10 locations in Falkland Islands, South Georgia, South Orkney, Antarctica, South Shetland, and Chile
From $15390 Per Person Double Occupancy
Alpine Crossing

Polar PioneerCelebrating one of the greatest survival stories in Antarctic exploration, these two voyages take you into the wild Weddell Sea, where Ernest Shackleton planned to start a daring feat – the first crossing of Antarctica. We follow in his wake, albeit in comfort and safety, to Elephant Island and South Georgia, shining a light on his heroic voyage.

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New Year - Antarctic Cruise
12 Days / 3 locations in Antarctica and Chile
From $8892 Per Person Double Occupancy

Polar PioneerSoaring snow-capped peaks, sheltered waterways, sculpted icebergs glowing blue from within and a riot of wildlife characterise the spectacular Antarctic Peninsula. An explosion of life celebrates the coming of the sun: penguin rookeries bustle with nest building, courtship and egg laying; flourishing plankton attracts krill, fish, seals and whales. The midnight sun powers all with life and energy.

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