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Suggestions for the independent traveler, which may be combined with escorted tours and cruises. Remember, we can custom tailor virtually any arrangements.

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Cycling Tour : Aukstaitija National Park
8 Days / 0 location in
From $620 Per Person Double Occupancy

This is a self guided program.

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Denmark in the Footsteps of the Vikings Tour
11 Days / 15 locations in Denmark and Germany
From $1998 Per Person Double Occupancy

The word Viking means a pirate, and the noun Viking means a pirate raid. It's a Scandinavian word describing the seafaring raiders from Scandinavia, but has come to mean all Scandinavians in the viking age between 800 and 1050 AD.

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Denmark Islands
7 Days / 5 locations in Denmark
From $1440 Per Person Double Occupancy

Visit 3 of Denmarks many islands by car! This is an opportunity to enjoy the Danish landscape and the history and culture of Denmark!

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Driving Tour of Bornholm
7 Days / 4 locations in Denmark and Sweden
From $1600 Per Person Double Occupancy

Bornholm - the Danish island not to be missed and a unique place to visit in Denmark!

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Food, Fun and Fairytale
6 Days / 3 locations in Denmark
From $1635 Per Person Double Occupancy

Danish food has always been known as being very homely – not spicy at all – but with the use of fresh meat, vegetables from the many gardens and fields, fresh fish from the North Sea, Kattegat and the Baltic Sea, fresh baked bread of all sorts and everything put together with creamy sauces. However in the last decades innovation, new thinking and influence from the southern kitchen like Spain and Italy with new spices and flavors, sneaked into the Danish kitchen, and lately made the Danish Kitchen famous for its healthy and well prepared food, and the best restaurant in the world, Restaurant Noma (2* Michelin), in 2011 and 2012.    

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Four Capitals by Trains and Ferries
12 Days / 7 locations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland
From $2380 Per Person Double Occupancy

M/S Crown of ScandinaviaExplore the Scandinavian capitals independently. For our clients who want to explore Scandinavia on their own with no set departure dates !

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Game of Thrones
5 Days / 2 locations in Iceland
From $872 Per Person Double Occupancy
Game of Thrones

Visit the legendary Icelandic landmarks featured in the hit TV show “Game of Thrones” on this thoroughly entertaining tour of some truly awe-inspiring film locations. During excursions to various settings, such as the famed “Ice Wall” and those breathtaking places where the "North of the Wall" scenes were filmed, travellers will be captivated with tales of the "Seven Kingdoms" by local guide Jon Thor Benediktsson - guide for the Game of Thrones crew during the filming of the third series.

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Grand Tour of South Greenland from Copenhagen
8 Days / 3 locations in Greenland
From $3670 Per Person Double Occupancy

Experience the ultimate highlights of South Greenland and the Arctic nature. This tour will take you around the Golden Triangle of South Greenland covering most aspects of Greenlandic history and everyday life in the Arctic.

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