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Oppdal, Norway

Oppdal is located in Central Norway and is about 2270 square kilometres. The town is surrounded by Dovrefjell National Park and the Trollheimen Mountain Plateau and the town itself has about 6500 citizens. Surrounded by majestic mountains, open valleys, excellent fishing, clean air and Norway's cleanest drinking water, Oppdal is the place to recharge your batteries.

As far as the natural environment, Oppdal was designed for recreation, and has many different types of activities - with variations depending on the terrain. Oppdal takes great pride in these natural resources.

Oppdal is also well-known as Norwayâs largest downhill skiing area â 4 mountains âall interlinked by downhill slopes. Oppdal can offer an all-year-round choice of activities for tourists, holiday-home visitors and permanent residents. The range of activities is enormous, mentioning for example off-piste skiing, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice climbing, ice fishing, kitewing skiing, musk ox safari, river rafting, canyoning, tandem hang gliding, golfing, sled rides, curling and more..