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Egilsstadir, Iceland

The municipality of Fljotsdalsherao was created on 1 November 2004,with about 3,500 residents, most of them living in the towns of Egilsstadir and Fellabaer.

This town area supports a strong rural community, including prosperous agricultural expanses and smaller service centres at Hallormsstaour, Eioar and Bruaras.

The massive land area of Fljatsdalsherao stretches from Biskupshals in the west and Heraosfloi bay in the north to the mountain ranges surrounding the central eastern fjords in the east and to Vatnajokull and Oxi in the south.

Fljotsdalsherao offers numerous options for residence, as well as an assorted range of social services and an environment suitable for families.

Sports facilities are first-class, and the selection comprises four gymnasiums, three swimming pools, a magnificent sports field, a pretty golf course, a skiing area, and conveniences for horsemen.

Throughout the year, numerous travellers are drawn to Fljotsdalsherao and its excellent amenities for the tourist, who can enjoy splendid restaurants and hotels, tour museums, and observe various cultural and natural features, while overnighting at a vacation cottage, farm accommodation, or well-equipped campground.